A Love of Thunder

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Robert165  14/08/2011
I love this Font. I really like the heavy solid mass, but it has rounded edges and some white spots in the middle to add contrast. I'm thinking of getting it as my next tattoo, GENTLE, over my heart, to offset all the other tribal/masculine oriented tat's I already have. One last thought, if I get gentle tattooed lowercase, I really like the font Aardvark Cafe, it's worth checking out too.....
abc14  02/04/2012
I love this font, the texture is awesome. i was just wondering which font that this font is based on?
AssumeCreative  12/05/2012
abc14, it looks very similar to Aharoni (bold), but I searched dafont.com and didn't find it.
danielito-uc  24/07/2012
super bueno
minimubeta  06/02/2014
Queria ela nomal, não corroida :/
Oliver Halliwell  21/03/2017
Hello, I am from 'Brighton Bear Weekend' and we are a non-profit organisation which raises funds for the Rainbow Fund (a grant giving organisation in Brighton supporting people with HIV and other LGBTQ groups). We are holding our annual fund raising Weekend this June. We love your font and we are hoping you would give permission to 'Brighton Bear Weekend' to use your font in our publicity? Unfortunately we don't have any spare funds to pay to use your fund, but we were hoping you would be so kind to let us use your font free of charge? Many thanks Oliver
MacAddict  26/03/2017
A problem with this font. I like this font too but as a graphic designer, this font has only limited usage. When trying to export a layout page to a .pdf format, the letter spacing becomes "all screwed up". The error message in my layout app (InDesign) indicates there is a "licensing error". Problems with this font in other apps as well. Be careful when using.
S. John Ross  auteur de A Love of Thunder   28/03/2017
MacAddict, embedding is reserved for legally-licensed users. Refer to the ReadMe and to the terms on the Cumberland Fontworks site.
psalazar  27/04/2017
Yeah! ♥
ellouder2OMG  23/10/2018
Futura rust

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