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Katerina  04/11/2007
Adorable and very unusual for a bitmap font. Thank you! :)
goaliegirl  25/01/2008
Love the font... can't use it since I can only make 1 save in Illustrator CS3. Once you make the save you can put in a new doc & get 1 more save out of it. You can only save this font ONCE. it won't save & won't let you know that this font is the problem. Took me a good part of an hour to figure this out. Hopefully this will save someone else some time.
BangDK  03/04/2011
To Goaliegirl: It did save me a lot of time reading your comment, thank you a lot, your very kind! :)
digitalcake  16/01/2016
I'm looking to possibly use this font in my logo-redesign; is it available for commercial use too or just personal use?
Jotseno  21/08/2019
Looks like Gumball logo.

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