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Okay. Thank you everyone. Another way I could probably do it is just to save the file as a pdf and copy it onto a key and bring it to an office place to print. Do you think I would run into the same problem of them opening it and it all being the same font?

Thanks to both of you. A screen shot? Like a picture of it? I made the document with Text Edit and then saved it as a pdf. I know there are a few other ways I could save it though. Could you suggest one that might work? What is a screen shot?

Vague? Well, I just want the name of the font and a couple of words on a piece of paper so that I can choose which font to draw on wooden beach signs I'm making for a friends store. Therefore, I have about 14 samples of different fonts that I would like to choose from. I don't own a printer so I just made up a page of the sample fonts and emailed it to myself to pick up at my local library to print. When I opened it, the fonts were all the same (Helvetica?).

I have a MacBook Pro 0SX and I tried to email a page of sample fonts to print for my work area. When the email was opened the styles had all been changed to a font similar to Helvetica (very generic). Does anyone know how to safe the font styles to print?

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