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Freelance: Font Artist Contract

Jun 13, 2011 at 09:41

Note: This is a freelance off-site contract. You may work from wherever you please and will submit completed work via a temporary ftp account provided to you by Cheeky Mammoth. You should be available to begin work within two weeks (the sooner the better).

Job Description

I represent Cheeky Mammoth Pty Ltd which is an Australian based startup games company focusing on the iPhone/iPad market. We seek to contract a talented font artist to complete two fonts for our upcoming pirate themed game. The successful applicant will be given two example fonts that are quite similar to the look we're after, and may use these fonts for inspiration. However, we are seeking original work and so the result should not just be a copy of these fonts.

Each font should contain the following characters:

The fonts will need to be submitted in ttf format.

How to Apply?

1. Email a link to your portfolio of font art.
2. Email a sample pirate-themed font containing the characters "Pirates123".

You should also include:

- Rough quote for work in USD.
- Rough quote for time to complete work.

Further Details

- Cheeky Mammoth will be purchasing the font rather than the right to use the font. In other words, Cheeky Mammoth will own the font from the successful completion of the contract.
- We will post a notification in this thread once we have decided on an applicant. We will not be replying individually to applications.
- In the event that the selected candidate cannot complete the work, we will contact our next preferred applicant until we find an interested replacement.
- If you complete the entire contract and we choose to use only your font in the game, you will receive full credit for the game's font art (this would be our ideal situation). If we use only a portion of your work and are forced to incorporate another artist's work to supplement your work, you will only receive partial credit. If we don't use any of your work, you will not receive any credit. None of this affects your payment, which is outlined in the terms of the contract.

Please contact us at: jobs <at> cheekymammoth [dot] com with "Fonts Job" in the title.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Paul McPhee

Jun 15, 2011 at 10:00

We'll be accepting applications for the next 24 hours.

Jun 25, 2011 at 19:26

I only check in here weekly, so the 'you must read this post and respond within 24 hours' was a bit unreasonable for most people. If you would be so kinda, send me a sample of each font you want to work from to jaynz at q dot com and I'll see what's out there for you, however.

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