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XXII Arabian Onenightstand

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-princesa-  Feb 03, 2009
can you write Marissa 30.10.2008 and send it to my e-mail?
aman_virdy  Mar 21, 2009
while a nicely created font, i'm unsure as to what inspired this? this is way more reminiscent of an indian language such as punjabi or hindi, rather than arabic.
karismatik001  Apr 29, 2009

Is what you could write something and send me by e-mail because I liked your writing?

thank you
smehta13  May 24, 2009
Cool font!
pakou  Jun 04, 2009
hey, you've a nice font. It's named arabian but it makes me think to India... Could you please send me a "Namaste" please ?

sabrichou  Jun 08, 2009
commen obtenir les prénom?? je n'arive pa a les enregistrer pr les metre ensuite sur msn par exemple? merci bcp
dshekhter  Aug 13, 2009
awesome font! can you please send "Mudras Designs" to Thanks!!
Maisha  Sep 10, 2009
Best font i hav ever seen!
Zagaloo  Mar 05, 2010
this is lovely. can you email me the phrase "It is a flash from the stage of non-belief to faith" at
jbaker6  Jun 30, 2010
This is by far the best font I've ever seen. Can you send "Satyagraha" to my email please? I will donate if I like it!

Thanks a lot!
ahdong  Aug 01, 2010
Would like to use this font for a invite.
playingtheangel  Nov 22, 2010
Hi, I would like to use the font for an invitiation. thanks in advance
lecter  author of XXII Arabian Onenightstand   Dec 30, 2010
um… dont get me wrong, there is a field above saying "type your text here". whats with trying that, instead of leaving your emailadress in the comments??? and btw there is a button saying "download" on the right side, you see? for installing fonts to your system look at "help" in the navigation of this site. …welcome, this is the internet.
vonden  Nov 04, 2011
Hi lecter - well crafted font! but the name is incorrect, the font does NOT have reminiscent of arabic.
I suggest changing the name, because its misleading to many people.
Thank you
lecter  author of XXII Arabian Onenightstand   Dec 15, 2011
incorrect? well... i guess not.

a little misleading, yes, but that’s a fact people might find out for themselfes. the crossing line in it may let it look a little indian inspired. but at least it's got nothing to do with arabian or indian letterforms... it's just latin.

p.s. have you ever tried to change or delete a software that is available for free in the world wide web? - :)
Anjel  Feb 03, 2013
I would like to have Pure Passion sent to me in the Arabian One Night Stand format. I will donate within the next thirty days as this is my promissory note.

Thank you!!
matiasromero  Mar 23, 2013
Your font has been featured on a logo on a prominent TV network here in Brazil in case it came unnoticed:
lecter  author of XXII Arabian Onenightstand   Apr 10, 2013
cool. thanks for letting me know, matiasromero.
spiritualdude  Jul 20, 2013
This is Indian, not Arabic. Cool font, though.
jackfaciale  Aug 01, 2014
yep this is hindi style lettering for sure , you ignorant :)
sephsayers  Mar 26, 2015
Awesome font. I'd like to use it on a book's title? May I?
Fresh&Fly17  Sep 06, 2015
Thank you.
isa1-389-13  Sep 04, 2016
Hello, sorry to ask but is this for free use?
wahyurosyadi  May 07, 2018
Alhamdulillah, syukron
azzam69  Jul 10, 2022
حسنا انا عربي ولدي معرفة بالخطوط العربية لا اظن بأن هذا خط عربي شكرا لجهودك

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