WM Food 1

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scrapart  Mar 06, 2008
Love the fruit dingbats! Thanks!
eeprats  Jun 01, 2009
Exactly what I was looking for!! http://twitpic.com/684gx
CB'a  May 21, 2010
Good afternoon Karla,

I am sorry to use this wall for a commercial asking but I cannot find your e-mail address.

My name is Clémentine Nizou and I am currently working in a new project for one of the customers of my marketing agency.
We are very interested in the use of your font "WM Food 1".
If you agree, we would appreciate to use your font in the facing and back tag of a packaging for an alimentary product (a french sugar brand).

Do you have requierement for this use?
Could you come back to me with a price for this right of use please?
Could you also send me a written permission of this font using please?

However, my e-mail is: clementine.nizou@cba-design.com

Thank you in advance,
Kind Regards.
boostbuster  Sep 26, 2010
I would like to use this font for commercial purposes and would like your permission. Can you please e-mail me at boostbuster@hotmail.com and let me know how much it will cost.
jaderific  Aug 16, 2011
Hello! I'm also interested in using the font and like to know how to get permissions. Please contact me at jade.r.mendoza@gmail.com. Thank you!
drewfee  Jan 25, 2012
I am also interested in using these dingbats. I am doing some graphic design for my school, but would like to get permission to use it in the future, and was wondering how much it would cost to be able to get the rights to use it.
my email is : a.d.weinsteinphoto@gmail.com
a.osuba  Feb 08, 2012
I am interested in using this font and would like to know about permissions. Please contact me at a.osuba@gmail.com
bigproducerlca  Aug 27, 2014
Hello there,

I realize that several people have already attempted to contact you regarding permissions on this work. I am inquiring the same. PLEASE contact me with info on permissions using this. Keep up the great work!

ergeN  May 24, 2017
Hello! I'm also interested in using this font and like to know how to get permissions. Please contact me at ergendesigns@gmail.com

Thank you!

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