Walk Around the Block

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dranet  Jul 08, 2008
Zip file is corrupted. :(
nicole112072  author of Walk Around the Block   Aug 30, 2008
I checked it, and was able to dowload on my new computer.
aidanrulez  Dec 19, 2008
usually u got to copy and paste it straight awway on to word now i think u carnt
s_power  Dec 24, 2008
nicole112072  author of Walk Around the Block   Nov 07, 2009
If you like my font, please help me by voting for my YouTube video that is currently running for the grand prize in a video contest. You can vote for it every day until 11/15/09
"There's No Place Like Home: Pleasanton" by Magrela Canela
Please log in to vote, and click on the green thumbs up next to my vid.
smarietta328  Mar 04, 2010
I love this font!!! I also had no problem downloading it:) Thanks nicole112072!

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