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sixtys-child  Aug 01, 2007
nice, flowing stylish font thankyou.
PaBeachBum  Jul 26, 2010
LOVE the font so much, it is getting permanently used on my arm for my tattoo, if you dont mind. Pics to follow for you.
peter-rempel  Oct 13, 2010
This looks like my PR uncial, only slightly modified.
peter-rempel  Oct 15, 2010
This looks like my PR uncial, only slightly modified.
kayelleallen  Jun 14, 2013
I use this on my website. It's one of my favorite fonts.
AlisonOropeza20  Dec 20, 2014
I want to use this font in a cover for my book, may I use it? Please, contact me: alison_gabs@hotmail.es
makshe_vb  Jul 11, 2018
please contact me makshe.vb@gmail.com
I would like to use your font for commercial use.
UbiquitousRat  Dec 03, 2018
Iím using the font for my podcast logo - Roleplay Rescue
Please contact me if this is a problem.
Justin2721  Dec 24, 2018
Is there someway to contact the author for commercial use? I know it says that it's 100% free, but I don't want to accidentally do anything illegal. I tried clicking the link on the author's website, but it said the server can't be found, is anyone else having this problem?

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