Team Spirit

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Ratt  Feb 06, 2008
I think this is a great font, very reminiscent of my high school sporting years. Well done.
bekon  Jan 03, 2009
i like ittttt..
estherrr  Feb 27, 2009
I love this font and I'm trying to use it, but the brackets do not connect...Tips? I'm also on a Mac...
estherrr  Feb 28, 2009
Never mind; it just doesn't work in Photoshop :{
m3xican  Feb 12, 2010
Good Font. Thanks
ilaya  Mar 25, 2010
Hey Nick or to whom it may concern. Can I use this font in my design? You know just with all the copyright laws...
Chuck Norris  Nov 20, 2010
Really cool. Great work!

-Chuck Norris
emale94114  Jun 02, 2011
Windows7 Photoshop CS3. Use shift+0 (shift + zero) to make the end connector. The brackets do not connect.
macgeo  Jul 24, 2012
awesome font, found similar listed as Boola Boola over on is there any difference? going to buy it to be sure
mianakitty  Aug 02, 2013
This is so beautiful. Another nice work of yours. :D
Can I use this font commercially for a one off restaurant?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is:
AKines31  Jun 23, 2017
The lower case b is cut off at the top. Looked great til I used the b. I had to go find another font to use
sboden76  Jan 27, 2019
Can this font be used commercially? I was asked to make some tumblers for a school fundraiser and think this would work very well!!!

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