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Maelle.K  Feb 26, 2018
Billy, i guess your a good designer in first.
Now i understand you are only a 'CopyMan' and only this on your creation! Specially when you view some fonts that works...
Cat.B  Feb 27, 2018
Hello,i agree Thep Thai aka typhoon type do a font just before and come on the top and you do the same thing because you know this work.Now i create like you may be i am not an artist but you copy a lot and you are here before me.I think you also want to live with your art but this man do not have the same life and you dare cheat.ENtre parenthèse the Master of dafont don't you react too??? This is just cheat ,but i love what create but i am scared,disgusted to put new font because this is not serious at all.
billyargel  author of Sunflowers   Feb 27, 2018
FMF rules lol
Maelle.K  Feb 27, 2018
Another one too" Waiting a Silver Moon ", Best!
marty666  Feb 27, 2018
Why is it supposed to be a copy ? is it because it has A-Z and a-z characters ?! That's the only common point i can notice...
Cat.B  Feb 27, 2018
dare copy me one day dear will see lol
marty666  Feb 28, 2018
Haha! Don't do drugs kids... 💉
marty666  Feb 28, 2018
Defamation is a crime in most countries. You shouldn't use the "copy" word when irrelevant. Sunflowers is not a copy of the font you linked, any lawyer or graphic designer would agree. Greediness seems to make people say stupid and mean things...
OnChris  Feb 28, 2018
It's not a copy of anything, more that kind of 'inspired' font made in a hurry
bushelandPeck  Mar 04, 2018
How do you get the t from the second set of fonts from sunflower? The T in the bottom row (on the picture with the red background) has a longer cross to the T.

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