Paulinho Pedra Azul

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-=Pernille=-  Sep 15, 2009
Can i also use the font to get my tattoo? please get back to me.

therobotklan  Jun 01, 2010
How do I purchase this font to use in a brochure? Is this possible?
Hannah Jane Clark  Aug 12, 2010
Hi, Have downloaded this font however when I print it out on my printer, the font changes to a default block type text (plain type) How do you purchase the font? Or is there something wrong with the download? Thanks
nui  Dec 28, 2011
I want to use the font for restaurant identity.
How I purchase this font?

Thank you
NvdMerwe  Mar 30, 2012
I wish to use this font for a new hotel identity. Can I use this font for this? Please let me know @
Thank you.
le_batisme  Apr 02, 2013
Hi, I wish to use this font for my personnal wedding card. Can I use it please ? Contact me
Thank you.
StellarGirl  Apr 10, 2013
Hello! I'd like to use this font for an adoption fundraising website. Please let me know...
Thanks so much!
BoutiqueBillie  Apr 21, 2013
Hi, I love this font! Can I please use it for my Business Logo , Please let me know Thank you!
jmabbey  May 02, 2013
I want to use the font for a logo. please email me:
bise-art  Jun 17, 2013
Hello, i just had that feeling about your font. I wish to use it for my business logo. Could you please contact me and let me know :
Thank you
Best regards
Squirl  Nov 26, 2013
i would love to buy that fond for poster printing. Would you give me the joy to buy your fond?
eskimo*rose  Jan 11, 2014
Hi there
I love your font! I have hunted through the internet to find the prefect font for my business and fell upon this - Could I buy it to use for my logo and is it legally eligible for web embedding so that I can use it for my website too? Please contact me here
Thanks :)
tedhill  Oct 02, 2014
Is this font available for commercial use? Thanks
kristell  Feb 20, 2015

Is this font available for commercial use?

Best regards
cnyshona  Jun 17, 2015
please send commercial use info on this font.

Evra  Aug 02, 2015
Hey can you give me some commercial use to this font?
pls write me to
about some info for commercial use of this font!
thank you
Louise Coutinho  Dec 12, 2018

I would like to purchase this font to use in my academic paper
How can I do this?

Please contact me!!!

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