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rocamaco  Dec 25, 2011
La fuente es muy original y muy curiosa, enhorabuena... :)

Pero la manera de obtenerla es una tomadura de pelo como hacía tiempo que no veía... ;)

Además, la pregunta es: ¿Cuáles son fun1(t) y fun2(t)?... ;)
model850  author of Oscilloscope   Dec 25, 2011

...I apologize for not answering you on Spanish (if I recognized language correctly). I'm assuming you were wondering what are " fun(1), fun(2) ". Those are supposed to be some kind of synchronized discrete functions (both are conneced to the clock (CK) connection). " fun(1)" modifies amplitude of the sine wave, and fun(2) "shifts " the sine function " up and down ". This is all just the concept idea, so it may not work so perfectly in reality...:P

...I hope this helped you...^^
rocamaco  Dec 27, 2011
No problem with the language (yes, it's spanish), it was my fault, I had to have written in English knowing you were from Zagreb...

About your explanation, it was a theoric concept as I thought, not a real one... ;) Nevermind, as I said: original and funny anyway... :)

By the way, my favorite is "Depleted Uranium" (has nothing to envy to the popular "Coalition" or some popular fonts from Aenigma in the same style)... ;)
model850  author of Oscilloscope   Dec 27, 2011

...It's oo problem, as long as we understand each other...(:

...As with all theory, you don't know if it works until you actually try it...;P

...I always try to do something new. Even if in the end im may end up us a big fail. This may be original, but it's a bit hard to read when it's small. :/ Never the less, if someone can find some use in it, it's free to do so...^^

...Actually " Depleted Uranium " was " my " idea. As it now seems, someone had similar idea too. ^^ It definitely is't the first time this happened to me, as I had couple of ideas before, but eventually ended up discarding them because I've noticed in time there already were fonts in simmilar fasion...xD

P.S. ..thanks for the commnets...(:

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