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Ocean Girl  Jan 20, 2010
this font is über cool. i love it!
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   Jan 23, 2010
thank you for appreciating and loving my orial...
NikhilVerma  Jan 28, 2010
I created this account just to tell you how awesome this font is ! :)
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   Jan 29, 2010
thank you very much NikhilVerma...I feel honored.
xeeneeizee  Jan 30, 2010
Very nice!
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   Jan 30, 2010
Thank you xeeneeizee
vanessa1630  Feb 03, 2010
This is so beautiful! Thanks for making the white parts transparent.
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   Feb 04, 2010
thank you for appreciating Vanessa...
Juno  Feb 18, 2010
i tried to make something useful with this font...
inferno5  Mar 24, 2010
May I use this font on a flyer at my school or facebook?
relaxagram  Mar 28, 2010
This font makes me happy - I might use it on a flyer too.
cbjackson  May 02, 2010

I work for a digital private press publisher in the US and have an author that would like to use this font in her novel as the first character of each chapter. I am happy to make a donation. But, do I have permission to use this font for commercial use?

Also, this is my first time with What is the compatibility with Mac OX 10.6?

Thank, Claudia
JEWEL123  May 06, 2010
coollllllllll. i like it.
pistolas85b  May 28, 2010
the best
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   May 30, 2010
thanks all...use it and enjoy it...don't forget to read the readme.txt file...:D
laurealus  Jun 23, 2010
This is an extraordinary and highly creative font. Congratulations.
The inner white design in a black "thick" font base is amazing.
AHMED.E.Z  Aug 06, 2010
Mara Ibiza  Sep 11, 2010
Simply Beautiful
katkhe  Nov 15, 2010
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   Nov 25, 2010
thanks for all...God Bless all of You
chumaedi  Nov 29, 2010
keren Mas....., ijin donlod yo!
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   Jan 09, 2011
yup karepmu u'...
penak  Jan 25, 2011
ninjaton  Jul 15, 2011
Very artistic! Reminds me of coffee & cream :)
STILOB  Jul 21, 2011
i would like to use this of all. but keeps sayin compressed folder is empty...
Tappz_TAP  Aug 02, 2011
Hi would it be possible for me to use this font on a Clothing Design please?
mianakitty  Oct 09, 2011
It's so cute... It reminds me of Indonesian Batik (printed fabric).... :)
RandiQueen  Oct 11, 2011
RAGGLEFRAGGLE!! I probably sound like a jerk right now, but after installing, my antivirus said this gave me a TROJAN!? I'm flipping out right now, just please fix this... TT^TT
anthoice  Mar 06, 2012
Hi! We're a band from Italy and we really love this font, we would like to use in the front of our record cover, Can we use it? We're not a famous band so I don't know if it could be considered as a commercial use. But our songs will be available on itunes so they will be on sale..
cygumil  Sep 28, 2013
Fontnya sangat indah..,
Mohon ijin untuk digunakan pada toko online saya,
Zitouni  Dec 03, 2013
Just wanted you to know that I used your fond for a tattoo :). It's awesome!
agoldenquill  Apr 19, 2014
Another font listed as "free" but the README says free for personal/non-commercial use only. Please change the category to "free for personal use." Thanks!
Salman Boosty  author of Orial   Dec 05, 2014
thanks all...use it and enjoy it...don't forget to read the readme.txt file...:D
Deme Rahmata  Jun 13, 2016
Thanks a lot for this font.
bmf.16  Dec 13, 2016
Não consegui doar. meus cartão paypal já cancelei, tentei o pré-pago do PagSeguro e não consegui. Obrigado
bearskiidoo  Jan 23, 2019
love it! I Would like to use this for commercial use. Please send me an email at

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