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awmasry  Nov 05, 2008
:-D Great !!!
axelinp  Nov 05, 2008
Obama is now a presindent !

Nice dingabts.
iLoVeYoUu662211  Nov 07, 2008
netpages  Nov 08, 2008
GO-BAMA...a cool font and an even cooler President.

...Got Palin? -- LMAO

...dude, Got Todd? -- ROTF
probum  Nov 10, 2008
It's awesome, thanks for making it!
12Bravo  Nov 10, 2008
Can you spell "Socialist" or "Spread the Wealth Around" with that font?
LindaHenning  Nov 28, 2008
Oh man some are no smarter in font world than here in Wasilla. Thanks for the Font Im going to use it in all my Wasilla corrsepondence. !
watsonsworld  Dec 03, 2008
Thanks just what the doctor ordered!!!! or should i say Some are going to need a doctor after seeing these LMAO
eragongal44  Dec 10, 2008
OMG thanks for the comment 12Bravo...just what I needed to hear after all of these crazy liberals and their silly fonts...can someone put up a Palin font on here?
heaven416  Jan 13, 2009
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this font! Very creative.
deamoon73  Feb 02, 2009
love it. great font
areukidding  Feb 03, 2009
wow most of u here are so blind....can we spell "puppet"
iLoVeYoUu662211 you are clearly crazy and do not understand the importance of obama, you stupid person.
Ruddock  Mar 21, 2009
Good example of fascist art: the adoration of the Leader.
axian  Sep 04, 2009
This will go great with my Karl Marx and Chairman Mao dingbats. Thanks!
Zenrage  Jan 06, 2010
Two words that establish the USA as a Socialist Economy: Business License.

That's right, you wrong wing losers. Its a privilege and not a right to do business in this country. And like any other licensed privilege, it is not only the ability but the responsibility of the government to regulate, restrict or revoke that privilege from those that abuse it.

Socialism isn't a threat. Its a reality.
omnom.  Jan 13, 2010
Nice work.

Chilota  author of Obama   Jan 22, 2010
Some of you can't see the artistic side of this work.

Stop playing politics! and enjoy the artwork!

Thanks for the feedback.
opopop  Jan 05, 2015
Yes, the font is done very nicely.

I shall enjoy using the images within it often, as dart boards!
thatiana  Aug 18, 2015
Porq eu n consigo baixar nenhuma font scr me ajudem ):
Deleted user 880285  Oct 24, 2015
AlekseyD  Apr 21, 2016
I has found the handwriting font of Barack Obama:

phoenixangelfire  Jul 16, 2016
Great art work poor subject. This will be excellent to either write people I dislike or to decorate the walls of my toilet for inspirtion.

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