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lauczi  Aug 14, 2006
princessfafa10  Dec 12, 2007
I use to live in Nashua!
and before it was called Nashville
Good job!
chungdehtien  Jan 05, 2010
cool!  Jan 08, 2011
I like this for a western font  Jan 08, 2011
I think i'm going i'm going this font.
jimtealiii  May 29, 2011
I like the idea of a distressed Western font... unfortunately the designer accidentally all the numbers. Also, it's worth mentioning that this font is not embeddable, since that little tidbit is not in the read-me file. Overall, 3 out of 5 stars. Free for a good reason.
jsylvers  Dec 04, 2012
Thank you for mentioning that the font is not embeddable... unfortunately I didn't read that until I was finished with my project and couldn't print the font lol. However this is a really nice font
[audiogalaxy]  Nov 09, 2013
It's a very good font, but less useful without numbers and punctuation like accents and so on
AtlasDesign  Mar 28, 2014
Thought everybody should know, this is a copyrighted font, but the email and website provided no longer exist. This is not necessarily a free font - tread carefully. if anyone knows how to contact the author for a licence let me know.
Dafont - you shouldn't really be distributing this under free when you don't have the info.
People- read your licenses and read me's especially for commercial work!

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