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marycaryne  Sep 09, 2013
The "$" character does not display the crown that is depicted in the images. It only shows the O and the bottom left and right corners. How do I remedy this?
Rudyboy  author of Modern King   Nov 28, 2019
Sorry for the very late reply, I have ignored this font for a while, since I have been very busy! However, for today on, I will try to do my best to serve this font after realizing the large numbers of users and great feedback on it throughout many different sources online.

@marycaryne I believe that the font is still working properly from my end, where I have tried it on different machines with multiple keyboard layouts... So maybe you have a specific keyboard layout that is preventing you from using the correct "$" used in the font or an issue of duplicate fonts on your machine...

I will try to upload a newer version of the Font just incase ;)

good luck to all of you with your projects,

OlivierPichon  Mar 06, 2020
As a French happy user of your font, I would be still happier to use some letters with accent.
First of all, the letter e with acute accent :

And, why not also for :
letter e with grave accent :
letter e with circumflex accent :
letter u with grave accent :
letter o with circumflex accent :
letter i with circumflex accent :

I think these accents are those most used. Unless others exist !

But for me, the only one I need now is the letter e with acute accent :

Would you think it can be possible ?
Thanks in advance,


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