Les Sensations de Cerise

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StereoType  Sep 29, 2014
J'adore !
djimaestro  Sep 29, 2014
Très jolie typo, un petit côté Disney non ?
SansaBeard  Oct 06, 2014
how can i contact you to purchase this fonts license?
Chloe5972  Oct 08, 2014
realy cute !
sushux  Nov 26, 2014
How can I contact you if I wanna use this font in t-shirt?
Br, Susanna

susanna(at) starant.com
juanps88  Dec 08, 2014
How can I contact you if I wanna use this font in notebook for school?
Nerbz  Dec 23, 2014
Salut! La typo est top ! Comment ça se passe si l'on veut l'utiliser pour tee shirts ( dons etc ) ?
Maadamk  Aug 31, 2015
How can I contact you ? I wanna use this font to put on a tshirt for charity sake.

Br, Adam.

hyphy.co (at) gmail.com
ashest  Sep 11, 2015
hi, may i know how to purchase license for this font?
TheStrangi  Apr 11, 2016
Hi! i used this font for my banner on my Youtube channel and just saw there was a license i was wondering if it was ok or not ? cause i use it as my logo.
storm1204  May 10, 2016
I love this! How do we reach you for a license! Its no contact info
rompude30  Jun 07, 2017
Hello! Is there a link for license purchase? Thank you
Veronicahenry  Jul 27, 2017

I would like to use your font for part of a tennis t shirt for commercial use. Is there a license I can purchase?

Hi there, I am looking for a commercial license for this font. Does such a thing exist? Please let me know! Thanks
Griessbrei  Dec 22, 2018
Love this Typo!
How how can i contact you for a licence?
We want to use your font for our logo. We are a nonprofit organization, we support kids in learning how to skateboard.

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