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Dy-Blaze  Jun 18, 2006
Very Awsome !!!!!!!!! I like it!!
intoxified  Jun 21, 2006
i love the game and i loooveee the fonts! thanks! :)
zoned_out14  Jul 05, 2006
that is awsome
bloofire  Jul 16, 2006
This is the best font EVER!!
cherCY~05  Jul 16, 2006
this font rocks!
cherCY~05  Jul 16, 2006
hi bloofire
trekonbt  Jul 21, 2006
I Think The C is a bit off... Never mind ALOT.

When your in "The World That Never Was", "Comand" shows what it shoud look like

... And i thought i finally found the font, gotta keep looking again :(
lixiethedomedone  Jul 30, 2006
oh stop complaining.
awesome font!! love it
roxas  Aug 05, 2006
i love the game! thanx for submiting this! trekonbt, dont be so picky!
Eliot Truelove  author of Kingdom Hearts   Aug 10, 2006
I would change it trekonbt but i don't have the game anymore. thanks everyone.
rom_rabbit  Aug 14, 2006
love it holla
roxaslover323  Aug 29, 2006
i love kingdom hearts!!!! can't wait for kh3!!! i loooooooooove your font!!!!!!!!!!
BlackSkyNinja  Oct 28, 2006
YAY!!!!!!!!!! <3 U!!!!!
naminč the witch  Nov 11, 2006
kingdom hears 4ever!!!!^^
rcadble  Nov 15, 2006
Kingdom hearts is fucking stupid, disney should stick with animations/cartoons. Besides the fact that it has a queer name, great work on the font.
Deleted user 50793  Dec 21, 2006
C'est exactement ce que je cherchais !
Sorry I don't speak english
Roy Mustang  Jan 09, 2007
timoram26 means: "It's exactly what I've been looking for"...

Well, it's a great font!
fantasygirl  Feb 08, 2007
awesome i love it
I_Am_Riku  May 14, 2007
The font is ... more than awesome!!!

''We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other...'' FAREWELL UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!
I_Am_Riku  May 14, 2007
rcadble should just stop talking... he'll kill himself one day... I repeat THIS FONT IS THE BEST EVER!!!
RikuxSora  May 19, 2007
Great work on the font. <3 It's awesome~
Best font ever. X3
XForce  Jul 11, 2007
rcadble just joined to make a complete idiot out of himself, since he joined the same day he posted his comment, and he dosen't have a profile set up. And, what does he mean Kingdom Hearts is stupid? Does that mean me and all the millions of KH fans are stupid too? And if he dosen't know what the word queer means then I suggest he stop spamming and STFU. Anyway, this is a great font, he had no right to say otherwise.
wizzah  Sep 15, 2007
Aweseome Font!
Nasuko  Mar 09, 2008
I really love the fonts Elliot!
Sir Spazzalot  Feb 04, 2009
The game is quite a fail but i love this font! :)

AnimeFont  Jun 05, 2009
Awww... I wish I could download this font. TT^TT It's really cool!
cyrilea  Jan 04, 2010
AngusLCt  Jan 08, 2010
I love it...
Ayamuri  Apr 18, 2010
Hey, I really don't want to be rude here, but there's just one thing that's bothering me with this font. Except for the period and the exclamation mark, no other punctuation shows up...I wanted to use it for my MSN, or even Microsoft Word, but they still won't show. I noticed this even when I tried to preview a word on here with an apostrophe in it. Is there any way you can fix this? I'd be eternally grateful, lol! Other than that, spot-on job with replicating the KH font!
pricelessdancing  Apr 25, 2010
OH MY GOD :D Ive been looking for this everywhere! Thank youuu soo much Lool :DDD
inouemegumi  May 22, 2010
I love it!!
Very awesome!!
Broachgood  Feb 25, 2011
I love it so much.
Sekai  Jan 08, 2012
Finally, I've been looking for this font for weeks.
I can't wait for the next KH Game:3
sakurafan941  Jan 11, 2012
Hi Eliot Truelove
This is a really awesome font !! :)
I was wondering can I please use this font in a youtube video I'm making at the moment?
Is this ok?
Thankyou :)
Eliot Truelove  author of Kingdom Hearts   Feb 08, 2012
Yes you may, so long as credit is given.
FrodoLove  Dec 05, 2012
Can I try to use the font for my school work for the letters that I write?
hvc  Mar 09, 2017
Hi Eliot Truelove is it ok to use this font for my youtube channel art? I will credit you
FallenGecko  Mar 06, 2019
Hello Eliot Truelove, I would like to use just 2 of your letters on my twitch channel for a logo but wanted permission first. Credit will be given. Thanks

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