JSL Ancient

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hermyown  Jun 04, 2006
I love this font! I've used it for practically every history project I've done this year. Uploading is perfect, and there are no problems. Use this if you have something to do from as far back as the 1400's to the early 1900's. I don't see how this fits in Roman or Greek, because it looks more like an old printing press font to me. But use it as you wish - it's awesome! =)
Schwalbenkoenig  Feb 07, 2011
It is used on Bryan Adams »Bare Bone« album from 2011.
cornelis  May 29, 2012
Hello Schwalbenkoenig - I have a question: did it also happen with you that the JSL Ancient fonts do not function correctly under Windows7? I'm able to print documents on a standard laser printer, but not in pdf (it's not possible to make pdf-files from documents which used the JSL fonts). In the Fonts folder of Windows the JSL fonts are provided with the comment that the license for embedding is reduced. This problem was not to be observed under WindowsXP. Best Regards! Cornelis
cherry4321  Nov 03, 2012
This is brilliant:D

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