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Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen

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smeralda  Jan 19, 2009
very nice!!

ilike it..

me agrada mucho su esencia :)
Bernd Montag  Jan 20, 2009
peace bby  Jan 22, 2009
its okay
Gyom Séguin  Jan 23, 2009
This is beautiful.
hunglan  Jan 24, 2009
Thanks for your font. It's very nice!
crier  Jan 30, 2009
i loved
tiagoadias  Feb 14, 2009
I's so beautiful =)
AlinaCourtney  Feb 23, 2009
Nice ;)
joli  Feb 26, 2009
very nice font - thanks you!!!!!
xeeneeizee  Mar 02, 2009
great font  Mar 06, 2009
i heart it!!!!!! =))
Muziek  Mar 14, 2009
i love this font
sizzlecreative  Apr 08, 2009
Great font, love it. Keep up the good work
DuRTyBuRDy  Apr 16, 2009
trash! doesnt deserve 2nd spot
Erishea  Apr 25, 2009
I love your fonts! Are really beautiful
patchouli14  Apr 28, 2009
hi there, do you ever allow these for commercial use? is there a package for sale or anything? They-re too beautiful not be be able to use!!
BeckieBabes  May 02, 2009
I aggree with every-one, this font is a beautiful - shame it isnt for use.
zevobh  May 17, 2009
Grelf  May 18, 2009
I have registered here just to comment on how magnificent your fonts are! You certainly did a terrific job on this one as well!
matosms  May 21, 2009
kat-peace  May 24, 2009
gorgeous font!
fionabensz  May 26, 2009
love it cute and sweet:)
jey  author of Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen   May 31, 2009
To patchouli14 and BeckieBabes: About the commercial uses, see my website for more details ;)

And thanks to all the others, I really appreciate your comments !
koeiekat  Jun 06, 2009
If it were only for the ampersand ... a must have!
yunduan  Jul 08, 2009
done well
Aùdreil  Jul 18, 2009
j'adore cette police mai jarrive pa a la telecharger!!
soousooux  Aug 31, 2009
wow this font is AH-MAZING you must have worked on it very hard its so alegent,beautiful, and it kinda looks like someones hand writing when their like write really fast or something...i've like seen it so many times in youtube where like people write a story or make an intro they sometimes use this font and everytime i see their videos that have that exact font i just go "OH MY GOSH WHERE DO THEY GET IT FROM?!?!"
well........what can i saw more than i've said...your really talented =)
El Padre  Nov 07, 2009
Is Very Good
rlyalya  Dec 09, 2009
rlyalya  Dec 09, 2009
ok me again... it says there are serious problems with the Font Name Table... what does that mean? im not a computer expert, sorry. i know your not supposed to comment about instalation troubles but this isnt really that... and theres zero about this in the FAQ.
MRfrukta  Feb 22, 2010
wow wow//
Don100  Mar 05, 2010
Nice! Thanks.
shugo_luver  Mar 10, 2010
wow! so kewl XD
agusek20  May 11, 2010
it's like a music...
raerae  Sep 03, 2010
This is the best font i ever seen i years so keep up the good work
Jane Allisane  Sep 15, 2010
This is wonderful<3
jake_tw  Nov 22, 2010
I would like to use this font in a tattoo design, would that be okay with the creator?
Hareton  Nov 23, 2010
well, I believe the word "Queen" is used in the font title not in vain! it is really so beautiful, stylish, almost royal) if someday I decide to get married, I want this font for printing my wedding invitations. I've literally seen hundreds of other fonts found by shared files site, but this time it was love at first sight. my congrats to the creator!
sidkof  Dec 04, 2010
I have a problem to install this font. And I have another source of yours and it works, but the work of Saint-Andrews doesn't ...
When I install it and I write this in a TextEditor doesn't look like the picture. In Photoshop comes error message ... I'm sad because its so wonderful!

Maybe someone can help me ..?
tmaroe  Feb 06, 2011
i like this font, should i take for my personal use...
valiuna  Feb 15, 2011
Lots of folks, me included have used your fonts. Thanks so much for your kind soul.
Valiuna S.
writer2825  Mar 08, 2011
Wow, I love that font! I have been browsing your site and have found some excellent fonts that I think would work great for legal papers. I am wondering if my resume service that I use would be interested in any of these. I'll forward links to a few fonts and see what they think.
Sabrillian  May 28, 2011
I am really pleased with the look of this font! I used it on my website at :)
Royce.Urse  Jun 04, 2011
okay me again... it states you'll find critical problems with the Font Title Table... exactly what does that suggest? im not a laptop or computer pro, sorry. i realize your not meant to comment about instalation troubles but this isnt definitely that... and theres zero about this inside FAQ.
nelsonmclester  Jul 06, 2011
hi there, do you ever allow these for commercial use? is there a package for sale or anything? They-re too beautiful not be be able to use!!
avni yayin  Jul 11, 2011
thanks, i used this for my tattoo. :)
thanks again!
aldro25mucx  Aug 08, 2011
coolll!!!!!!!!!!!!love it!
dorotaloi  Oct 05, 2011
I have registered here just to comment on how magnificent your fonts are! You certainly did a terrific job on this one as well!
benholk  Nov 16, 2011
That was a real neat font and from the comments here, it seems to be liked by everyone!! Is there some places that you get fonts like this? Such fonts will come in really useful especially if you are working in the art business. I would really like to know what this font is called as I plan to use it with my logo designing at , would appreciate the help!! Great work – keep it going!!
weknow  Jun 02, 2012
this font so amazing
peterp  Feb 17, 2014
Must be hand written, really is a beauty.
Lovely Kitten  Sep 28, 2014
This is my favorite font
I live it
alextby  Dec 12, 2014
This font really resembles handwritten text.
tuerqimaomi  Feb 07, 2015
I registered in order to comment. Thank you for your creation. Its cool.
Unknown99  Feb 16, 2015
I cant get it to work in gimp. Anyone know why?
Tullebunt  Jun 12, 2015
Hello I sew Clothes and sell them in a little Online shop and need a new Font for my Logo, i want to ask you if i can use it commercial.?
Tullebunt  Jun 12, 2015
I mean the font sry.

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