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Jellyka - Gare de Chambord

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bowner  Feb 10, 2010
Another attractive creation from Jellyka.
neener5  Feb 17, 2011
Beautiful Little bit antique yet it has weight and flows.
sofiakaip  May 23, 2011

I will use this font for tattoo, can you send me this,please.
Thank you
loquin sam  Jun 20, 2011
Hello ,

Like Sofia i want to use it for a tatoo and i can' t print my short sentence '' Je suis venu vous voir ...'' Is it possible for you to send me it ?
my e mail
mon_guy  Dec 17, 2011
I also want to use your font for my tatoo but I can't print it.
Can you also send me the file in order to print my short text?

My mail is
Thank you a lot.
chic4  May 09, 2012
Hi Jellyka, love this fonts (seems not only me) i wish to use for my new tattoo, but I can't print it (downloaded that but it seems some error occurred). I would be super appreciated for your help.

Please send me file on
many thanks! x
chic4  May 09, 2012
It's ok I got it!!! ;)
cjbfashion  Jun 04, 2012
Hey jellyka, this is such a beautiful font! I was wondering whether I could use it with in a logo for a clothing line please? let me know asap, thank you, Courtney.
lilylamwaiyi  Aug 18, 2012
Jimmy Gp  Sep 15, 2012
Jellyka Hi, would it be possible to send me this phrase: " Nature Ocean forever " for my next tattoo please ...

Please send me file on
Thank you a lot. :)
stikyburger  Oct 31, 2012
Hello,would it be possible to send me this phrase" Let it be." for my first tattoo pleaseeee
Please send me file on
Thank so much.
bastelino91  Jan 25, 2013
hey, would it be possible to send me this phrase: "believe in your dreams" for my first tattoo please :)

thanks ;)
bastelino91  Jan 25, 2013
please send the file on
lyricelle  Sep 01, 2013
i d/l'ed the font but the text is cut in half! do you know of anyway to fix this in win 8? i love it and really want to use it! thanks,
Daoneb  Feb 13, 2015
Nice font. Only bad looking when "ix"... not readable. Anyway, still love it.
dopeboi1  Nov 08, 2016
Love the font can you send "Charles Mag" to my email please
kg144004  Mar 31, 2017
Hi I was wondering if I could use this font for my clothing line please? You can contact me at

raymynarcikmusic  Jan 18, 2018
Hi! I really love this font and would like to use it for my signature on my music cover art! Let me know!

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