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xscd  May 17, 2008
This is a very imaginative, creative and attractive font. Thank you very much! :-)
fontomongo  May 17, 2008
Quite refreshing and a bit different from all the others. Excellent work !
Dr_Jackal  May 19, 2008
Très bon travail, félicitations :)
Amorphis  May 19, 2008
Nice Work Jellyka :D
Sugar Leung  May 20, 2008
Fantastic job for all the letters and phonetic symbols. Merci. :P
annaOMline  May 20, 2008
Amazing font, lot of details , really complete and original.Congratulations! Thanks for sharing and for creating it!
yiyi123  May 22, 2008
Nice :D
xherox  May 24, 2008
__Doc_  Jun 01, 2008
Very unique, nice job
Punky_Avril  Jun 08, 2008
Very nice job :D. One of my favourite fonts on this page!
Aerostella  Jun 11, 2008
This is definitely one of my favorite fonts to use. :3
atumn6  Jun 13, 2008
Icheeva  Jun 19, 2008
Great font^^
radiorulezu  Jun 22, 2008
Way different from what i seen! Its so amazing!
Sexii_Lexii_4946  Jun 23, 2008
This font looks pretty cool. I'll definately be using this one.
gothgirl14  Jun 23, 2008
love it!

Good job!

Aravias  Jun 28, 2008
Wow! This font really stands out from others. Me and my graphics site say Congratz and great Job! =D
azul*  Jun 29, 2008
beautiful *-*
dhukhang  Jul 04, 2008
This is gonna be tattoo'd on my back only with 'My Love Ones' as text =]
Goten  Jul 07, 2008
Very GOOOD Font!!! Very very nice
Jpermaul  Jul 11, 2008
lipglosslush  Jul 17, 2008
i love this font! BUT... when I import it and used it in Microsoft Word, the top and the bottom of the text do not show. I've had this problem with quite a few fonts here... can anyone help?

PLEASE! this would be perfect for some invites I need to create ASAP. Thank you!
danitha16  Jul 19, 2008
mmm muy buenas la letras
Nick's Wife :)  Jul 20, 2008
מדהים .
עבודה טוובה :D
sicarioflow  Jul 23, 2008
just great!!!!
WERAA  Jul 29, 2008
BLaZiNsNiPeR  Aug 01, 2008
luz_alee13  Aug 03, 2008
as laspuedo to go down
please digamen is that the qe happens I cannot
since I do him
Tunisjenta  Aug 09, 2008
Jonksy  Aug 11, 2008
I love this font, I use it all the time now, that you for making this =]
rhythmmethod  Aug 14, 2008
Fantastic Font!
Thank you so much!
billyargel  Aug 16, 2008
just because - jane's addiction
cata  Aug 29, 2008
wow i love it!

you are so creative, it seems a magis store.

it's so cute :)
nikita_untra  Sep 05, 2008
Great font!
Good job!
RoyDaley  Sep 12, 2008
Very nice, used this as the basics of my tattoo that I personalized myself a bit, Thanks!!
lucasangeldion  Sep 15, 2008
beatiful font... perfect...
Jaderulzzz  Sep 15, 2008
all right little messy though i might use it kind of ugly!!!!
Megan-O  Sep 16, 2008
Umm very cool is it possible to donwload and use to write a letter with??
RenakuNanase  Sep 19, 2008
I really like this one
StreetLingaz  Oct 10, 2008
Wow, I really like this font. I love all of your fonts. Youre an amazing artist. Good work.
pook  Oct 26, 2008
thank you ;)
axelinp  Oct 31, 2008
One of the best fonts made ever ! It´s just beautiful.
FinalFantasyFan3000  Nov 17, 2008
Very amazing!
cherry pie  Nov 22, 2008
oh my god!!!!!!!!!

u r lyk sooo creative how the **dge did u do that - no will evah think ov dat!!!!!
mwa.... u and ur fonts sooooo rule!!!!
it's sooo stylish awsum new modern and today !!!....its coool and hip hop- so rite now
sparklecakes  Nov 22, 2008
some thing is wrong i really really want this font
but every time i open it i winrar or whatever its called
it says that there is an error or something
if you now what the problem is then please email me at
Andare  Dec 04, 2008
Amazing piece of art!! Delicate and intense!! Thanks a million!
daydreamer  Dec 16, 2008
I wanna that for tattoo :)
very nice
redmax  Dec 27, 2008
oh!!! so nice!!
tank you so much :)
madhu.yshu  Dec 29, 2008
differnt font..i like it
nur92  Dec 30, 2008
como cojones se pasa al word xD?
sizzlecreative  Jan 05, 2009
Almost hypnotic, love it
Lyxe  Jan 26, 2009
this is beautiful..!
i cant download it though ):
but its my dream font..!
wonderful, WONDERFUL job
flipdarius  Feb 04, 2009
I loved this!

Would you give me any tip on making grunge, complex fonts? I find difficult to render then with FontLab. Do you use another software? Or have any special plugin? Thanks!
AlinaCourtney  Feb 08, 2009
Is so beautiful.:X
wink ;)
spazz888  Feb 13, 2009
Does any one know how to submit a font, I know where to go, but do you have to make the letters on a special document, or put the letters in boxes???:(

BTW LV the font, Its a keeper
brittany20  May 10, 2009
I dont know how to make this into a text on photoshop
would someone be so kind to tell me how?

jecrong  Jun 03, 2009
very very nice, awesome!!!!.... so talented
-=Pernille=-  Sep 15, 2009
Can i also use the font to get my tattoo? please get back to me.

Mylykaa  Feb 21, 2010
I signed up to comment on your font cuz i L.O.V.E then and contact me about how to download it at
Gubbi  Mar 03, 2010
really love this script, but I do not know how I download to my computer ... Can you help me?  Mar 16, 2010
i really like this text. its very artistic
xBurstOfSunshinexo  Apr 11, 2010
You're THE best fontmaker on! :)
al8z  Apr 25, 2010
Almost hypnotic, love it
Adalto  May 31, 2010
File Corrupted
jedi_master_padme  Aug 19, 2010
could you please give me instructions as to how i download your font to use in microsoft word etc.
im also interested in using your font for the name of my upcoming fashion label on business cards, labels etc. which i will of course compensate you for.
palkiapop  Oct 18, 2010
can't tell you how much i love this!
Lucie.L  Jun 26, 2012
Très très belle font, bravo !
kaushiknemani  Jun 10, 2013
One of the best font I have seen

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