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09kitty23  Sep 20, 2009
Hi Push.. i just want to let you know that these dings are awesome but what captures me the most is the 6th ding which is the "flower" ding. i am trying to design a type of guitars that i am planning to sell in the near future.. if you don't mind me using it as an emblem i will greatly appreciate it.. and as promised your name will be remembered.. i don't know how to email you and i can't give my email like this to the public also
kazjames  Jun 25, 2010
Hey there Push, I really love your dings and may want to use a couple and incorporate them in a t-shirt design if ok by you, If any get finalized I will send you a copy of the dseign to see what it looks like.
karaokefreakcountry  Dec 16, 2011
Hi Push...Can I use some of your font characters in a logo for a karaoke team? I can send you the picture..
WTFarethese  Oct 02, 2012
How do you think TAEKWONDO is JPN's symbol? What a stupid. I think it's a ridiculous idea!
It's KOREA's traditional sport. Modify right now, stupid.
iian02  Nov 13, 2012
hello my name is Adrian and I'm from Spain. I wonder if I can use your LeviBrush font for present my design to a contest to make a shirt of a music band. Thanks for your time

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