Hurricane SupaDupaSerif

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alicia25  Sep 06, 2006
i love this font
B15  Sep 25, 2006
J'adore ta police!!! Continue
SWE94  Dec 23, 2006
so nice, is fantastic
silvia a  Dec 27, 2006
i luv this
Lokhi  Jan 06, 2007
Beautiful font!
Muerte-Music  Jan 31, 2007
We love this font, would you be ok with us using this on our CD?
HuBBa  Feb 11, 2007
It's beautiful!Love it!
RestraintsOfCradle682  Mar 16, 2007
Hate to break it to all you happy people.
Although this is quite the beautiful kind...
This font is an emboldened copy of Porcelain font, with an added 'x' to dot the 'i'.
As for the CD cover, American hardcore Atreyu used it several years ago.
Wouldn't want to be unoriginal now, would we?
koei  Mar 21, 2007
I agree with RestraintsOfCradle. That is to a large extend. In reality this font is a double theft. It is the Porcelain superimposed on the Selfish (or the other way round if you like), both fonts are free from Misprinted type.
sixtys-child  Aug 01, 2007
Yeah, but this font is splashed across in all forms, from scrapbooking, to newswletters! so it must be popular! I like it and I will use it.
misha_massacre  Dec 29, 2007
blessthefall also uses this font! =]
Mysteerain  May 10, 2008
Well definate mixed opinions here, I've not seen the Porcelain yet, but was very attracted to this one, Either way it will make a great addition to my plans for graphics for gifts for my grandaughtere
Azabache  Sep 03, 2009
Esta fuente es parecida a:

gypsy kismet  Feb 19, 2012
Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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