Henry Morgan Hand

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Amalia P  Nov 23, 2007
Well, Manfred Klein if you see my comment, tell me. You canhear my thoughts on this and they are: as a handwriting font, I wouldn't have guessed that was its purpose. But it is very nice and pretty. I was just looking at 'Calligraphy' and it jumped out at me. I luv it; don't know about uses, but luv it anyway. Thanks a lot. Did you find it? if so, how? or did you actually design it? Im going to look at your other fonts too.

I am amazed that my comment is the first! If anyone sees this COMMENT. thanx.
thatbibleroks  Oct 15, 2008
Really nice font! I will defenitly be using it!
Shabooh73  Nov 21, 2008

I just got my very first tattoo just now and i used this font after i saw it yest. It looks so elegant and the tattooist took pics and has kept this link now as she loved it so much. Even the big tough boys loved it...WELL DONE and thanks for your help in my lifetime artwork!!!
pamelabailogiordana  Jan 08, 2011
que femenina!!!
ballet  Jan 21, 2011
This is a great font! Would I be able to use it in a logo I am designing and selling? email me at jillianalittlefield@gmail.com Thanks!
helen30  Feb 20, 2011

I love your font and appreciate your work very much. Would you give me permission for commercial use on postcards? Please reply to a120_2120@yahoo.com
macdaddy487  Dec 20, 2011
Is it free to use for commercial use? Please reply at liondog487@hotmail.com
weknow  Jun 02, 2012
this font feel rich and famous i love it
hasenzahn  Dec 17, 2012
That font is so beautiful, I would love to use it! May I use it for commercial purpose for my logo? Please reply to mail(at)alineh.de. Thanks!
natassi  Dec 29, 2012
Henry Morgan was such a lucky person, no wonder he was very successful
dgaston  Apr 14, 2015
Beautiful font. Is this free for commercial use? Thanks, you can contact me @ dgaston960@gmail.com.
ryanlightfoot18  Jun 24, 2015
Love the font. Am considering using it for a Cinderella Pantomime Poster I am designing. Is it free for commercial use? Thanks in advance - please reply to: ryan.lightfoot@zincarts.org.uk
speakeasy4  Sep 09, 2015
Hi, love the font! Could I use it commercially? Please email speakwriteplay@gmail.com
chen_1070  May 03, 2016
hello Klein, can i use it for my website text logo? or use it for commercial purposes, Please email chen_1070@outlook.com thanks!
lcehcaor94  Jun 01, 2016

I love your font ! Would you give me permission for commercial use ? Please reply to lecoustre.charlotte@hotmail.fr
Lorrie D  Sep 04, 2016
Love your beautiful font. Is it possible for permission to use it commercially on my crafts home business start up? Please email to missality@gmail.com
Thank you
utvault17  Nov 29, 2016
I would love to use this for my crafts that are personal and the occasional commercial use. please email me at charli_vault@yahoo.com
Thank you! Beautiful font!
Rabi17  Dec 13, 2017
It's beautiful font
this font can be used for commercial purposes?
Email me black- rabiandruma@gmail.com

Thank You
Shaunnalevette  May 30, 2018
Wonderful font! Is it free for commercial use? I would love to use it as my logo! Please respond @ r.channel25@gmail.com

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