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makeusmile  May 04, 2006
This is my favorite one yet
jack sloper  Nov 02, 2006
Roy Mustang  Jan 09, 2007
HP sucks!
Mouze  Jun 17, 2007
I disagree with Roy Mustang. :) HP rules!
trudles_mcdoodles  Jul 24, 2007
umm, harry potter is the best. so Roy Mustang, you suck.
robey  Sep 29, 2007
roy mustang sucks you're a big ugly biatch
Smartypantz  Oct 10, 2007
Roy and me are right: Harry Potter is a turdy wimp, and anyone who likes that nerd is a wimpy turd.
The films are so BOORING, the Books are so BOORING, and the FANS ARE SO BOOORING TOO!
Starrii  Oct 27, 2007
Anyone who has the time to comment on how a fictional character is a 'turdy wimp' must be pretty 'boooring' as well.

And by the way, please be more mature. Who drags on 'boring' these days anyways? :/
maddienh  Nov 09, 2007
i hate roy mustang!!!!!!
LeenaKang  Nov 27, 2007
harrryyyy poooottteerr!
potterdude  Dec 19, 2007
how do yah copy the fonts???

i really love those fonts! pls tell me!!!
megameep  Feb 06, 2008
Don't give Roy a hard time just because he doesn't like some stupid book
Erynglas  Feb 23, 2008
Oh honestly...we don't need to all argue about this, do we? Just because someone made a font based off of a book doesn't mean we all have to comment on the book. Nobody's writing about how much they love/loathe Pride and Prejudice in the Jane Austen font!
Viridis  Mar 04, 2008
yeah really...i like hp but we can argue about it somewhere else. that was a bit mean though erynglas...
Area52  Mar 21, 2008
You give the real Roy Mustang a bad name. I'm no Harry Potter fan by any means but no one cares if you think Harry Potter sucks.
Jpermaul  Jul 11, 2008
harry potter is ghetto shut up just cos u cant read the whole book Roy Mustang
SoFonty  Sep 03, 2008
jesus you guys are stupid leave your opinions to your self some people like HarryP some dont. we all are different but yah you guys are right Roy Mustang is an ass
msrosy95  Dec 01, 2008
this font is soo awesome he is soo cute too!!
jacksonrocks55  Dec 03, 2008
This Rocks! I hope they make another!
luunaatiicaa  Apr 01, 2009
Can print phrase forming? How? Tengo 0 ingles, por favor, alguien q pueda decirme como puedo imprimir la frase q arme! :) gracias!
JMKrox  Aug 21, 2009
I love love love harry potter!!! i read the all the books 2 times!!! the books 3,4,5,6, and 7 rock
Floppyj10  Sep 29, 2009
Thank you so much for this! I use this font all the time now! =]
Harry Potter rules!!!
Snape I Love You  Dec 01, 2009
ragnorock77  Mar 11, 2010
You stink "Snape I love You" awsome font I like it
AndieIsACookie  May 18, 2010
HARRY POTTER BOOKS ARE THE BEST!!! (my favourite character is Fred though. Harry has no brain.)
yamila97  May 20, 2010
'Snape I Love You', Jew is not a synonym for idiot or whatever it is you're trying to say. Please use the correct words instead of making 'Jew' a derogatory term.

And I must agree, this font made my day, but just because someone likes or does not like the series or the font, does not make that someone and idiot or anything of the sort. :)
Ice_bubble  Oct 13, 2010
Roy, just because you're a Twilight fan.
matt035  Jan 20, 2011
I used this font in a photoshop tutorial i did on a harry potter text effect, check it out if you want. http://liquidtutorials.com/tutorials/harry-potter-text-effect/
TheStig  Mar 04, 2011
Awsome Font. Got to say one of the best. HARRY POTTER IS AWSOME!
Tyrion  Apr 03, 2011
HP is very cool. Thanks for uploading this. Just a small question, Phoenix Phonts. Though I am not ble to contact you via a private message, I would like to post it here: May I also be allowed to use this font for a banner, which I am working on for a contest? Of course, I will add your name to the e-mail, which I do send to the jury of the contest. I would appreciate, if you would send me an answer if yes or no via a private message. Thank you very much.
nayelimp25  Jul 15, 2011
HP is the best font EVER!!
ninjaton  Jul 15, 2011
Like it! Lightningy alot it is
turkleton  Aug 15, 2011
I love harry potter and draco is my baby. I am having a harry potter party on th 17th and this font has really come in handy for the party. I am dressing up as luna lovegood and i agree with Andieisacookie the books are the best and i absoultley love fred and cried my eyes out when he died.
girly-lily78  Aug 23, 2011
I think anybody who thinks Harry Potter is rubbish is stupid because it is the BEST set of books I've EVER read. I've used the HP font for my homework and its really helped me out! HARRY POTTER IS FANDABIDOSEIE! ayone who doesn't like is a stupid idiot
picklegirl05  Aug 27, 2011
Oooooo, it's all lightning-y and stuff!
Pansie  Sep 04, 2011
How do you actually COPY what you have done? PLEASE help me, i just can't understand how to do!?
dudemandarko  Sep 20, 2011
Dude, it looks like...
You know, that one book...
FontDownloader1227  Dec 02, 2011
Keep on Great work! I added this font to my group "Best Fonts".
StardustNight1234  Jun 28, 2012
Harry Potter books + movies = <3
Friscokid  Jun 30, 2012
I love this font it is so enchanted and so AWESOME, I just
finished downloading it and so far I have used it plenty of times and it is just AWESOME.
Thanks for making!!!!
enricoo l'abricot  Aug 24, 2012
j'adore cette écrituuuure!
edwardkristel17  May 27, 2013
This is the best font i ever seen. So who says Harry Potter is BORING?! You Must not Tell LIES!!!!!!! Understood???
edwardkristel17  May 27, 2013
im really disapointed to you roy mustang. youre my favorite character in fullmetal then you're saying that harry potter sucks?!!! Oh God >:(
hrevalee  Jul 09, 2013
Used this font to help formulate my lumos and Nox tattoos. I would have been lost without it
thefan1  Sep 17, 2013
jodanse los que odian harry potter
incorrect  Jun 27, 2014
the font that survived fontamort's curs!
mr.clutch101  Nov 19, 2014
for whatever reason it won't work with word????
Luckylucy  Feb 10, 2015
I love it! Good for people that like Harry Potter
unicorns  May 21, 2015
yeah it doesn't work with word for me eather
lollipop_lovegood_  Jun 24, 2015
I don't get how you use this font after you download it
annabri  Nov 06, 2015
it allows me to type it in all programs but it wont print it, ugh! why not?!
Danielle.m  Dec 11, 2015
it doesn't work
LiantyEvelin  May 01, 2016
Roy Mustang, I know it's late, but you're a jerk and a coward, just admit it if you're jealous of Harry Potter, and I think you're perfect at Slytherin.
_Just4Fun_  Jun 14, 2017
Well, I'm about 7 years late, but I still feel the need to say this. "LiantyEvelin," there is nothing wrong with being a Slytherin, if you had properly read the series, you would know this. Also, everyone has the right to express their opinion, so what? Back off. If I hurt anyone's feelings, I'm sorry, but this needed to be said. Thanks :)
shel11  Sep 06, 2018
HI, can this font be used for commercial use? smac012566@gmail.com ty
mustardcreative  Oct 16, 2018
Hi - can we use this font for commercial purposes please?
Reply to: rw@mustardcreative.com
DGraf  Oct 20, 2018
Hi, can I use this font for commercial purposes please?
Reply to: daniel.graf1985@gmail.com
Scarpelli  Dec 20, 2018
Parecen todos pendejos discutiendo por un simple comentario de hace más de diez años...
Yo también soy fan de Harry Potter, pero solo demuestran que el fandom es muy toxico y se ponen en ridículo no respetando los gustos ajenos.
Maduren. :)
demon dj930  Jan 28, 2019
this should be called harry pp in the potty
and i wanna see this font in a mustard commercial to see what stupid ass stuff will happen
ajoneswife  Feb 15, 2019
May I use this font for commercial purposes.
Reply to: mdquarterauctions@gmail.com
froonies  Feb 26, 2019
Love your work!!
May I use this font for commercial purposes.
Reply to: antoine.picot.tc@gmail.com

Thank you and have a good day
DaGyo Hwang  Apr 24, 2019
Really like this font
May I use this font for commercial purposes.
Reply to: dagyo007@naver.com

Thank you and have a good day
Jbrusenhan  Apr 29, 2019
This would be great for a product I'm working on
Can I use this font for commercial purposes?
Reply to:texasaggieteacher82@gmail.com
agipa  May 05, 2019
May I use this font for commercial use?
Reply to: agipa@mail.com
Thank you
PotterHeadGal#1  May 13, 2019
LOVE the font but WTF with the comments!!! Why can't you just say all the sh** you want in your head and call it good?

sadly i cant use it in google docs either.

I <3 Ginny. she rocks perfect for harry
PotterHeadGal#1  May 13, 2019
kudos _Just4Fun_ .
PotterHeadGal#1  May 13, 2019
follow the advice of the sorting hat and be strong as friends, or plz SHUT UP.

SIRIUSly you muggles, man/woman up. ;)
PotterHeadGal#1  May 13, 2019
ps sorry bout the sucky pun
jejegurl  May 28, 2019
May I use this font for commercial purposes.
reply: jejegurl@gmail.com
quinky6  May 31, 2019
Love it! May I use this for commercial purposes?
Mysterioustorm21  Jun 08, 2019
What do I do next once I've downloaded the font cuz for some reason it doesn't work for me... HAPPEE BIRTHDAE HARRY... cute Dobby "I am a FREE ELF!!"
Clarisse La Rue  Jun 15, 2019
Agreed with Mytyrioustorm21 what do you do after you download it?
Spoiler39  Jun 16, 2019
Can I use this font for commercial purposes?

vvj  Jul 25, 2019
May I use this font for commercial use?
reply: vvjones11@gmail.com
bsbea  Aug 04, 2019
May I use this for commercial purposes, please?
mrs_h  Aug 10, 2019
I would love to use this font for commercial purposes....mainly teacher resources. Is there a way to do this?


hhronek  Oct 03, 2019
Am I allowed to use this for commercial use?

reply: hollyhronek@go.byuh.edu

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