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kozzie  Nov 09, 2009
Hi André, can i use this font for commercial use ????
Horst  Nov 10, 2009
hi, i asking me the same, i am from a school company, and we want to use your font, please respose as quickly as possible.
blacklabel89  Nov 12, 2009
Hi André, can i use your font for commercial use?


dadabab  Nov 19, 2009
hi, i asking me the same.
can i use your font for commercial use?
jayt  Nov 20, 2009
same question... plz answer
robinram  Nov 24, 2009
Anybody got an answer to the commercial use issue? I would also like to use this font 4 comm. purposes.....
eriction  Nov 28, 2009
Hi André, can i use this font for commersial use? please respond fast :)
underminedsk  Dec 02, 2009
Hey, same question, let me know, thanks.
Brieley  Dec 06, 2009
Hi there,

i'ts a shame we can't see an answer to previous questions, but I would also like to know if its ok to use this logo for commercial use?
eriction  Dec 07, 2009
found what i think is his website( but i cant read the email adress its so tiny. is there someone that can figerout the email adress?
jayt  Dec 29, 2009
is there a general answer now??? or have i write an extra email???
jayt  Dec 29, 2009 doesn´t work at the moment....... argh
i don´t know what to do.... plz help :)
Searz84  Jan 03, 2010
Hi André,

I'm also wanting to use this font for commercial use. Is this possible??

Many thanks :)
Strabismus  Feb 16, 2010
Reminds me of the current Kodak logo. Especially the "a".
markbarner  Feb 24, 2010
i cant make this font work on my mac - it says it has errors?
matt.l  Feb 24, 2010
I there. Can I please your font for commercial use. Would be used for a label logo however would be edited to some extent
sgausby  Feb 25, 2010
I too would like to use this font for commercial use.
winther  Mar 04, 2010
I wrote André an email, and he responded that the font is free for both personal and commercial use, BUT he asks that you donate whatever amount, you find suitable for your use of his work.
TaNiaD  Mar 18, 2010
Hi André and everybody
I've just tried to use the font, but the next Font Validation message of FontBook was displayed: "Serious problems were found. Do not use this font".
Did anybody else got the same? What can I do?
Thank you!
PS. ...of course I made a donation with paypal
mag_von_lobusch  Mar 31, 2010
Hi to all the other mac users,
it works this way:

1. go to
2. skip login, accept terms and upload the harabara.ttf
3. choose converting to .otf (or one of the other options you prefer)
4. download the converted file

It's free, fast and works. Don't forget to donate for this great tool ;-)

AlexArndt  Apr 12, 2010
mag, thanks so much for that tip!!!! :)
al8z  Apr 24, 2010
I see many people have asked you this but I would like to use your font on shirts. If thats possible please email me and let me know. I am willing to donate or even send you a shirt after I make it. taaaaaaaaaaaankxxxx :)
cydall1  Jun 15, 2010
I have donated but can not download the font - what next for MAC - how soon after donation can the font be downloaded? Thanks so much.
nico07  Sep 09, 2010
Hi andre
Can I use your font for commercial use ? Would be used for a label logo for a little french store.

let me know
best regards
mirazz  Sep 28, 2010
Hi Andre, I would like to ask the same question. Is it possible to use your font for the commercial use?

Thank you very much.
fafafifi  Oct 01, 2010
Hi Andre,

I would like to use the font as well for commercial use, as a logo for a community mobile aplication - is it possible?
thanxs for an answer.
sonic21  Nov 12, 2010
Awesome Font!
doorknobdesign  Nov 13, 2010
For all mac users
the font is available at

All credits for the font goto Andre
vannucci  Nov 19, 2010
Look is great!!!
clairemorgan  Nov 29, 2010
Hi Andre,

I would like to use the font for commercial use, logo and website, (slightly illustrative so the font wont be to noticeable?) i would happy donate, like the others

Deleted user 369523  Dec 04, 2010
I asked him about commercial use, here is his response:


My source is free and can be used for both commercial and personal. The only thing I ask is a donation (which can be done by site by Pay Pal), the amount you think is fair.

This font was made on the PC and some people (not all) who use MAC had problems with it. So if you're the Mac User, install the source before making donation and see if everything is OK, if I accepted the donation.

Debtor for the choice of the source and good work.

André Harabara
aprescott3  Dec 16, 2010
Good example of what can be done to modify Helvetica. Not very inspired, but probably fun to work on.
candz_co  Feb 16, 2011
Hi I am a graphic designer. I was looking to use your font for a poster to be used by the Orange County Public Libraries. It is non-profit, volunteer work meaning there is not money involved in this project. It would be great if you could email me at for confirmation of me using the font. Thank you.
sarahlovering  Mar 27, 2011
I tried multiple times to pay you for the use of your font via the "Donate to author" link on this page. I wanted to pay via credit card, and everything seemed to be fine until I hit "Submit". Although all of the fields are filled in, it continues to tell me that some required information is missing or incomplete. I need the form to tell me what information is missing or incomplete because, as far as I can tell, none is. Would love to pay you...
helsic  Jun 10, 2011
this is wonderful and beautiful
yashnyash  Jun 16, 2011
I also want to use this font for commercial purpose.
Thanks Andre

Yashpal M
tis2k  Jul 27, 2011
Hi Andre

Can I use your font for commercial use? Would be used for a logo.

Kind Regards

Robert165  Aug 14, 2011
Awesome, futuristic looking but also very basic. Very cool font. Love the combination of mass and curves.
TheBird7878  Oct 18, 2011
Favorite font. Ever. Period.
boj  Dec 22, 2011
Great Creative Andre Harabara.
I like to use your font for commercial So I like to pay you soon via paypal.
Thank you
Best Regards
xxsirbobxx  Jan 11, 2012
How do I add default kerning to this?
kreativtheme  Feb 07, 2012
great elegant font ... this can also be used as a webfont
kippekop  Feb 09, 2012
Hi Andre can I use this font for a logo?
gtucker85  Apr 08, 2012
Hey Andre, I have a project that I am working on and I would like to use your front in a logo. Do I have your permission to do so?

Thank you

solhan  Apr 17, 2012
Hi André, can i use your font for commercial use?
contact me,plz
camilarose  Apr 17, 2012
Hi, I wanted to use this font for commercial use (for a logo). How do I get permission to do that? You can email me at

Berkomb  May 01, 2012
Hi, I wanted to use this font for commercial use ( logo ). How do I get permission to do that?

natrice  May 26, 2012
hi Andre,

i will also like to use your text for commercial use via : Logo. Please contact myself the best way that you can.

Thank You
polycarpo  Aug 18, 2012

El sitio de la intendencia de Bariloche, lugar turistico en Argentina, usa harabara

donaron algo?
djnippa  Sep 13, 2012
I noticed your font is being used on this logo.
I just thought I would make you aware of this.
djnippa  Sep 13, 2012

my source is free and can in such a way be used for commercial use as personal. The only thing that I ask for is a donation (that it can be made through the site for the Pay-PAL), in the value that you to find just.

André Harabara
abeck  Dec 22, 2012
srg412  Apr 11, 2013
can i use this font for commerical use? it would be for 99 designs
gandalfte1  Jun 21, 2013
MercadoLibre being used in redesigning your logo your typography is hope if your consent was
jwest36  Jun 28, 2013
hey dude designing a logo for commercial use could i use your font please
bsanchez1507  Sep 18, 2013
Sorry for the inconvenience but I wonder if I can use your font in the logo design
tasi.sunia  Nov 07, 2013
Hi Andre. This font is awesome. Can i use it for a commercial use logo? Please email me at:
techcom  Nov 15, 2013
Hi Andre,
I would like to use this font in the header of a website, commercially. Please email me at:
thank you!
gab51299  Feb 06, 2014
It's more fun in the Philippines!
ericlesalves  Mar 20, 2014
so tem eu brasil aqui é, andré me add no feice,
kred  Apr 13, 2014
A nice looking sans serif font - good for making a logo
davelilly  Apr 23, 2014
This is the font used in the Pulse ( app logo. Pulse app logo font
juan-buenabar  Jun 04, 2014
Hi Andre, I donated for your great font.
And also I will be using it for commercial use, since I saw a response from you saying it OK to do so.
If you have any question please contact me at THANKS.
André Harabara  author of Harabara Mais   Jun 11, 2014

I did an update of font Harabara, correcting imperfections and also developed his family including: light, light italic, normal, normal italic, bold, bold italic, black and black italic.
This new version is called Harabara Mais, I've sent the file to Dafont here for over a month, but do not know why the file has not subustituiram.
If anyone is interested please email ,also available in
André Harabara  author of Harabara Mais   Nov 26, 2014
Mohammed1  Apr 06, 2015
henryshin  Sep 06, 2015
Hi Andre,
I would like to use and introduce your beautiful font for logotype in commercial use. I downloaded the bold one out of your 8 types and made a donation to you as the others.

If Any comments pls contact me at
Many thanks and respect to you.
Czyszy2  Oct 12, 2017
This is THE chiptune/module font. ;)  May 01, 2018
Hi Andre, I made a donation for your logo. It'is very beautiful.
I'm using it for a logo. I saw from your previous answer that after a donation I can do it.
If you have any questions please contact me at
Thanks in advace.  May 01, 2018
Hi Andre, in the previous post I wrote that I made a donation for your logo, sorry I was wrong, I wanted to write for your font. As written above I made the donation to use it. If you have questions contact
Thanks in advace.
josuetrindades  Apr 04, 2020
Hi André, can i use this font for commercial use?
justobjects  Jul 02, 2022
Was it fine that the Department of Tourism in the Philippines used your font since 2012?

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