Hannahs Messy Handwriting

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valeriemarieschaefer  Sep 24, 2009
I think you should rename your font! I LOVE your handwriting! I wish I could write like this :)
MVhannah  author of Hannahs Messy Handwriting   Nov 05, 2009
ha thanks! i don't like my handwriting, but this font came out better than i thought it would!
Writing The Lefts  Mar 28, 2010
You have no idea how jealous I am that this is your MESSY handwriting! Great job.
10jr  Nov 23, 2010
hey i thought i'd tell you, this font is awesome. at the moment i'm using it loads in a webcom - a) i hope that's ok and b) is there a website i can link to for credit?
RenesmeeGG  May 27, 2011
I LOVE this font! It's really unique to me cuz my handwriting is plain and too neat! I wish it looked like this! :-)
MVhannah  author of Hannahs Messy Handwriting   Sep 29, 2011
10jr- No need for credit! if you want to add at the botom that it was created by Hannah Marlin that would be great, otherwise, no link!
tibean2992  Jun 14, 2012
Hi Hannah! I have been looking for a script font for a tattoo for a while and I was wondering if it would be okay for me to use this one. Please let me know if it's not.
MVhannah  author of Hannahs Messy Handwriting   Nov 19, 2012
yeah please do
JohnnyG29  Feb 01, 2013
Love this font. Can I use this font in a logo design I'm working on for a taco truck? Also would like to use it on the menu...
Love That Font  May 08, 2013
Hi Hannah!

I want to use your font for a logo design idea on tshirts possibly. Is that ok? I am crazy about your handwriting! Jealous like the others! You have beeeeeautiful writing! :)
AmyKnowsYourDere  Oct 02, 2013
How do you make fonts?
krisrobla  Apr 23, 2015
Hi Hannah-
I'm working on a project called the collective project and would love to use your handwriting in our video. Check it out #collectiveproject
let me know if this is ok
MVhannah  author of Hannahs Messy Handwriting   Mar 24, 2016
everyone can use this font for both personal and commercial use, all I ask is that you make a donation!

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