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acrobatic petey  Dec 10, 2014
what the fuck? :/ robby made this originally and u stole it :/ wtf reported and blocked
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Dec 10, 2014
Robby ?? This is completely impossible...
I made it entirely. Please check pixel per pixel and you will see that this font is not exactly the same as the WatchDogs logo but seem really close, its his the goal ! :)
Harveyh  Dec 19, 2014
Can I use this font for my Youtube banner please?
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Dec 27, 2014
Yves, just put his link into your About tab. ;)
ahmed noaman  Jan 21, 2015
um can i please use this for my thump nails
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Jan 22, 2015
Sure, just put the link bit.ly/WatchDogsFont into the thumbnails' video's description ! :)
340730  Jul 13, 2015
I would like to think about using this font in a banner for a website and hopefully my employer likes it i would like to have permission before hand to use the font Please and thank you for your time
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Aug 21, 2015
Hi 340730, You can use the font for commercial purpose, you just have to give the credits into your about page, for example. Go ahead ! :)
TwoAmazingGamers  Aug 30, 2015
How do i copy and paste it? i am using it for my Minecraft Movie Trailer
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Aug 31, 2015
TwoAmazingGamers, you may install the font and use a text or title tool. :)
Buddygroove  Sep 01, 2015
So we can use these fonts just have to ask for your permission and give you credit where credit is due? Such as youtube? (:
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Sep 15, 2015
Buddygroove : You just have to give the credit without asking me ! (like the CC-BY licence is saying), but I'm here to confirm that... :p
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Sep 15, 2015
(Sorry for the delay, you can contact me via my website for quicker reply)
audraraye  Jan 15, 2016
What is a reasonable donation to use this font commetcially. It's perfect.
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Jan 17, 2016
Hi audraraye, this font is free ! even for commercial purpose. If you want to donate, but don't know how many, note that I am a student but not lack of money :) and I prefer people share me their use of the font ! ;)
Thank you for your message
Intrixer  Feb 22, 2016
Can I Use this for YouTube Videos PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Feb 22, 2016
Hi Intrixer, Yes you can use the font in YouTube video : you just have to put its link (http://bit.ly/WatchDogsFont) in your description's video ! :)
Intrixer  Feb 29, 2016
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhhhhhhh
nadscant  May 11, 2016
HI I want to use this on a Tshirt garment. Is that something i can do ?
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   May 12, 2016
Yes nadscant, no problem
pearce  May 27, 2016
How use the fonts?
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   May 27, 2016
Hello Pearce, I link you the Dafont's FAQ page for that : http://www.dafont.com/faq.php
videogamer  May 28, 2016
Hello. Thanks for the font. I used this font for my title on my blog

I gave proper credit on the footer. Under credit links. Thanks!
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   May 28, 2016
Super cool, Videogamer! :)
LeslyHomocide  Jun 04, 2016
Ah, thank you for this font.

I will make sure I give you credit in my about tab after I make my youtube channel banner.
meneervanheer  Jun 16, 2016
This font is genius. It's used for a dutch television program called Rauwkost (www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzMeaSLKl1M)
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Jun 17, 2016
Haha! Super cool meneervanheer :D
Thanks for the link ;)
Marie37  Jul 04, 2016
Cool !! It's watch dogs's font !!
TheUnlimitedRobloxer  Jul 20, 2016
Can I use this for my private computer wallpaper?
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Jul 20, 2016
Sure, TheUnlimitedRobloxer! :)
mdean999  Aug 29, 2016
Hi David, is it ok if I use this for youtube (I will give credit in every vid and my about page ;] )
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Aug 30, 2016
Hi mdean999, It's perfect, go ahead! :)
easyviolence  Oct 28, 2016
What was the base font you used for this before you created it. Was there one?
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Oct 30, 2016
I made the font from the Ubisoft's Watch Dogs logo
CidMaster  Dec 24, 2016
Can i know the that this font is based upon
nickgardner99  Apr 02, 2017
Hi I was wondering if it's okay if I use your font on one of my shirts for my clothing line?
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Apr 02, 2017
Hi. You can use the font for all purpose if you credit the author (me :) ) according to the licence available here : https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/. For clothes, you can't credit me on your creations, the clothes, it's to restrictive. So, if you sell only a few clothes (<50/month) : it's ok, i will say nothing.
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Apr 02, 2017
If not, contact me here : https://davidlibeau.fr/Contact/
JPGD  Jul 21, 2017
Hi,can i use the font for an android videogame . If the awnser is yes can you put me the exactcly text that i have to put to credit you? Thanks
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Jul 21, 2017
Hi JPGD, go ahead and just write something like "Font : David Libeau - Hacked" and you can put the link http://bit.ly/WatchDogsFont if you want.
jako  Sep 11, 2017
Sorry I can use your source for videos on youtube ?
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Sep 11, 2017
@jako : Yes
jako  Sep 12, 2017
DavidLibeau Thank you
r3r3r3  Oct 21, 2017
I want to use this for a logo, is that ok? I can't really add the attribution there
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Oct 21, 2017
r3r3r3 You can give attribution on the About page of your website... But if it's not possible, it's ok, just go. ;)
typodermic  Oct 26, 2017
Several people have asked what the base font is but you didn't answer them. This typeface uses Veriox Bold as the base font...without permission.

DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Oct 26, 2017
typodermic For creating the font, I have use several things : Adobe Illustrator, another software called Font Creator (or something), the Watch Dogs font logo (own by Ubisoft), and several fonts. As I remember, I searched for a similar font of Veriox, as this font is copyrighted. I am not sure but also, if I remember, I have use Helvetica-like font or Bebas Neue. I have also use a keyboard and a mouse, if you want to know ;D More seriously, is you thing there is any issue regarding the licence, you can contact me. But as I remember, I have only use copyright free products, or I recreated all the font above.
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Oct 27, 2017
and also, the goal of a licence is to not have to ask the permission to the author to use his published creation. So I can answer any question regarding the licence but you don't have to ask me before using the font (I don't want like 1 million requests!) :D
typodermic  Nov 09, 2017
Veriox isn't free and the license doesn't allow it to be used to make other fonts. I think you'll if you ask Ryoichi, his license agreement also doesn't allow his fonts to be used to make other fonts.
DavidLibeau  author of Hacked   Nov 16, 2017
typodermic ok, so as I only used copyright free products, I didn't use Veriox font. ;)

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