God Hates Westboro

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MAWNS  Jan 22, 2014
Haha. Good job.
brandnewjeff2005  Feb 06, 2014
This is really dumb of you because God does not hate he loves everyone, so its dumb and illiterate of you to make this with dumb gestures containing to God and nothing he will no do because he does not hate! DUMMY
AlteredAmanda  Feb 13, 2014
For one that is so very creative, it is sad that this is the direction you chose for this font. True there are those that perpetuate this mindset, and that too is sad. Shame on them. Hate should be reserved for satan only. God doesn't hate, fear, kill, maim- man with evil in his heart does. This is offensive to me, one who does believe in the love of God and the love that should be show to ALL people.
NAL  author of God Hates Westboro   Feb 13, 2014
@MAWNS: Cheers! :)

@brandnewjeff2005 & @AlteredAmanda: Thank-you for your feedback, and I apologise if this font was offensive to you. It is meant to be a silly and meaningless parody of Westboro Baptist Church (hence the font's name), and in no way whatsoever reflects my views on Christianity, nor is it an attack or a suggestion of anything. :)
LauraDuffy  Dec 17, 2015
I just created an account just so I could comment...am so glad to see other people disturbed by this. Cool font, weird bumming message.

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