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nice thanks
mgmuranaka  Sep 27, 2013
looks almost identical to bebas
Nicolaas  Oct 20, 2013
c7nazara  author of Gobold   Oct 22, 2013
Thank you for comments. Gobold looks similar to Bebas or Bebar Neue, but Gobold is not the same as Bebas or even not the massive copy of Bebas. I originally created Gobold. I have worked on it for months without refer to Bebas or take Bebas as sample. When I knew Nicolaas commented that Gobold is the massive copy of Bebas, I downloaded Bebas and then compared it to Gobold. Of course, in a flash they are similar but in fact all characters are different.See the picture Gobold vs. Bebas: click: http://c7n1.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/gobold-vs-bebas.png

:) thank you.
Ahiru  Nov 12, 2013
Wow, very nice font you made! It's beautiful. Nice job.
haineko123  Mar 16, 2014
wow, great font family. very nice job. :D
cathyheng  Jul 19, 2014
Love this font! Is there a licence for using this font? I don't know how it works can you explain? Thanks
envoltorio  Sep 08, 2014
Don't listen to them ,it's a great font. How much do we need to send you to use it commercially?
creppin802  Mar 27, 2015
I've always loved this font family. What is a typical donation cost to use the font commercially?
JoyceL  Mar 31, 2015
Hi, Whats the donation for commercial usage?
c7nazara  author of Gobold   Jun 16, 2015
hi all,
? how much should I donate for Gobold Font commercial use?
+ as much as you think appropriate, I expect minimal $10 USD.
alteradho  Aug 03, 2015
Hi, sorry nothing more to donate can already occupy the typeface without any problems ? and apart from the gift you give me some writing where justified to have no problem to use ?
Jootje  Aug 24, 2015
Hi Situjuh, thanks for the font, love it. I want to use it for a logo and will make a donation to you. Can you give a written confirmation allowing to use this font as also alteradho asks? Thanks!
c7nazara  author of Gobold   Aug 25, 2015
Hi Jootje, Yes.
meanburger  Sep 13, 2015
Hi, I was wondering if i could do the same as Jootje & donate to you - and receive a written confirmation of using this font?
c7nazara  author of Gobold   Sep 14, 2015
Hi Meanhurger, Yes.
kalanglarik  Sep 20, 2015
Hi c7nazara, wondering, if I could also receive a written confirmation of using this font for comercial use(as Jootje, Meanburger). I love this, and just sent you a donation. Thank You! :)
CapitanLejander  Dec 15, 2015
Whoah, I cannot even start to imagine the amount of effort that you went through for creating this fonts. Thanks a lot, good Mr. Nazara. Easily one (if not the) best free font I've ever seen.
Hello c7nazara

I am in love with this font! As the others have requested I Am also interested in making a donation to receive written consent to use this font for commercial use. Would you email me at gburgos91@me.com so I can discuss with you how this can be arranged?
Can I use this font commercially for a one off restaurant?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is: sherry.turner@millerzell.com
resourcesacct  May 19, 2016
Hi, after I donate, can you please provide a written approval confirmation for commercial usage? Thank you!
COSEREISAMX  May 20, 2016
Can I use this font commercially for a one paragraph of one issue magazine?

? how much should I donate for Gobold Font commercial use?

Thank you for your assistance! My email address is: stir2000@hotmail.com

Thank You.

Adrian Grajales.
StefanoBlanca  Jun 07, 2016
Hi, I too would like to receive some confirmation for a donation.

Please email at stefanoblanca@gmail.com to arrange.
HeeleyJ  Jun 23, 2016
Hi there, I am willing to donate and would like to know if you can write me written consent to use your font commercially?

Please contact me @ Jesse.heeley@hotmail.com
shomaat_rega  Jul 28, 2016
Hi, I loved the font and would like to donate. How much should I donate. I would like to use it commercialy could I get a written consent from you if that's an option?
please contact me at shomaat_rega@outlook.com
Sinefex  Nov 27, 2016
Hi! Great font! I would like to be able to use it commercially as well! Can you please contact me with more information. Thank you! JamieMartino@gmail.com
c7nazara  author of Gobold   Nov 28, 2016

I have send you the email. Thanks
axedesignstudio  Jan 03, 2017
Superb font! My fav for headline cause of the tall and narrow features! All the best!
SP_TR  Mar 31, 2017
Hey. I want to use this font commercially. Contact me as soon as possible to talk through the details. tyler@wearetreatment.com
Niki948  May 06, 2017
We donated 10 Euro for commercial using. Thank you!
fre3mind  Jul 19, 2017
please contact me, so I can send you a donation too.
Really nice font!

Thank you,

shinysoiree  Jul 28, 2017
Hi! $10 sent for commercial use (email AnnePPhoto (at) gmail.com). Please email shinysoiree@gmail.com for confirmation.

TOMF  Oct 12, 2017
Hi! Sent you $10 for commercial use of this great font.
Email me for cnfirmation, tom.mfmoreira@gmail.com

Tank you
baiii.toei  Oct 15, 2017
How much should i donate if need for commercial use?

Kindly please email me for details baiii.toei@gmail.com
billmaru  Oct 17, 2017
I would also like to use this for our business!
Email me at bmahoney@solarisfamily.com
I would gladly donate.
c7nazara  author of Gobold   Nov 06, 2017
Hi all,

Please kindly buy the commercial license on Creative Fabrica. Here is the fix link: https://goo.gl/TLcvPk

Thank you so much.
Winter Phoenix  Jan 24, 2018
Hello I would like to donate for this font can you please contact me neonphonenixfitness@gmail.com - thank you!
krilataiy  Jun 27, 2018
Hi! Sent you $15 for commercial use of this font.
Please, email me for confirmation, krilataiy@yandex.ru
thank you
*I can see BIG difference between your font and bebas. thats why im here
Tepayeyah  Oct 09, 2018
Hi, how can I use this font for commercial use?

Please email me anaru.tepayeyah@gmail.com.

Thank you.
cyberdice  Dec 05, 2018
I just donated $10 for this font and need it for commerical use. After looking in the comments I saw a link to use for commericial use at $20. Is there anyway I can donate the additional $10 and get it for commercial use. I donated under cannabiskinggardens@outlook.com Thank You
c7nazara  author of Gobold   Dec 08, 2018
Hi Cyberdice,
Thank you for your donation. If you wish to add your donation, please make it in the same Paypal Address. Please contact me [c7nazara@gmail.com] if you have any request. Thank you.

For all,
Thank you all your donation and support. If you need a formal legal license for this Gobold Font (28 Family) please kindly buy the commercial license exclusively on CF in this link: https://goo.gl/TLcvPk
Thank you
pet8  Mar 14, 2019
Dear Author! I want to ask whether I can use the Gobold font on my album/single music cover that would be digitally released? Or do I have to pay for commercial use?

I look forward to your prompt and honorable reply
darianr  Sep 06, 2019
Hello there,

Beautiful font ! I'd like to ask permission to use this font commercially.

Please contact me:
darianr  Sep 10, 2019
Hello there,

Beautiful font ! I'd like to ask permission to use this font commercially.

Please contact me:
ShanoffDesigns  Oct 09, 2019
Hello, I just donated $10 to you for the use of this font.

Jančo  Nov 22, 2019
Hi, is there any other way to donate author??? Do not have PayPal...
lisamichele74  Jun 02, 2020
Hey. I would like to use your font commercially. Are you still asking for $10 donation to use it? If so, can you tell me how to donate and I will also like a confirmation that I am able to use it commercially. Thank you so much!!

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