Detroit Ghetto

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thestar7  Jan 25, 2008
U Knoe ii luv iit

Cause that where ii LiveXxX
7 Miil3
ghyldiptis  Jan 26, 2008
Love the cross over the eyes. Now, come walk through Southwest Detroit and make a font for me.
shizzson  Jan 31, 2008
how the hell do you get the damn code for these??
E-K-A-M  Oct 20, 2008
This Aint No Grafitii.
detroit*trippin  Feb 24, 2012
bro i gotta agree wit E-K-A-M, this ain't no graffiti shit looks like your handwriting. if you're gonna make a font with a city name in it you should make it represent the city and make sure it doesn't suck a**
detroit*trippin  Feb 24, 2012
and by the way i created a font just to tell you this s*** sucks
detroit*trippin  Feb 24, 2012
i mean i created an account

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