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Comic Tragedy

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Chloe5972  May 29, 2013
cute flames
dker  author of Comic Tragedy   Jul 25, 2013
Thanks Chloe! Glad you like it!
Struggs  Aug 17, 2013
dker  author of Comic Tragedy   Aug 21, 2013
Thanks Struggs!
JLOVEFONTS  May 21, 2014
this is cool dker how did you come up with this idea?
dker  author of Comic Tragedy   Jun 26, 2014
Hi Jlovefonts,
Thanks for your interest.
It's a fact that graphic designers hate Comic sans ms (for some good reasons).
That's why I try to render the original font as burning. There is also a pun in the name.
Cohnisgone  Jan 15, 2015
Controversial! Just to say, people use the phrase "Tragicomedy", but not much of a pun there...
dker  author of Comic Tragedy   Jan 27, 2015
Hi Henry, well, the pun is graphic, comic sans ms is mostly used for "happy" communication.
respect_the_drip_karen  Aug 30, 2019
This font just made my day. I saw it and immediately started laughing.Then I tested out the font by putting in "have a nice day" and oh my gosh, I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard I almost started crying. This was such a brilliant font I made an account for so I could comment on this font. So thank you, every time I look at this font I start laughing. It's so FUNNY! I would love it if you could add some other characters to this font though so I can make a <3 with it XDDDD

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