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paolodiluca  Dec 01, 2013

may i use your font for my web store logo?
please contact me
Emmalicious  Aug 21, 2014
Can I use this one for commercial?
Please contact me.
jus.winkler  May 05, 2015
could I possibly ue this for a school logo Im making. Just for a design. possible chance of usage. please get back to me
vanlinda83  Sep 10, 2015
I downloaded this but it doesn't quite look like it does here
vanlinda83  Sep 10, 2015
Nevermind! got it!
THEEBS  Oct 01, 2015
may i use your font for T-shirt i make for kids
please contact me.
lbottrill  Oct 21, 2015
Is it possible to use this font in a clothing design to then sell?
mblizzard  Nov 02, 2015
could I use this font for a shirt to sell?
#BeTuk  Dec 21, 2015
Hello, we are from Germany.
Can we use the font for our label (commercial)?
please contact me ->
Lulilanne  Jan 04, 2016
I would like to use it for commercial projects, please contact me: Thanks!!
d.armz  Apr 11, 2016
hey there! i was wondering if i was able to use this font in a t shirt design? Let me know at
DREAMBOWS  Aug 24, 2016
I am interested in obtaining a commercial license to use 'College' on some items in my etsy store. Is this possible, please? Thanks
Lynn Faggard
DREAMBOWS  Aug 24, 2016
Well, I just read the License Agreement accompanying the font download and I must say "Matthew Welch, you rock!" College is my go-to font for many, many projects. Thanks for making this available to everyone. Lynn Faggard, Theodore, Alabama
SeanJSP  Aug 09, 2017
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial use. if you can let me know if I can and at what cost, by emailing me
Thank you so much.
lisaverges13  Aug 13, 2017
I would like to use this font for commercial use. Please email me and let me know the cost.
Rabi17  Dec 11, 2017
Can i use this font for commercial logo?

please contact me

Thank You
phillynt04  Feb 20, 2018
Can I please use this font for a banner that I am creating?
rianchochochiko  Mar 20, 2018
great font..thank you so much
graceholl747  Apr 02, 2018
Would love to use this font for a logo. Please contact me and let me know at!
SarahWeitz  Aug 09, 2018
I would like to use this for a t-shirt design. Will you please contact me @
laurennicole1323  Aug 29, 2018
may I use your font for commercial use to design diy paint signs and tshirts?

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