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SuperGirl12  Jun 12, 2012
jaguars4782  author of Cityscape   Jun 13, 2012
Thanks :D
cameron_20  Sep 20, 2012
how much is it for commercial use to use this font as the name and logo of an application?
cameron_20  Sep 22, 2012
how much is it for commercial use to use this font as the name and logo of an application?
cedcr  Nov 20, 2012
can I use this for commercial use?? great font!
thehighsleybros  May 23, 2013
How can I obtain this font for commercial use?
eudeline paul  Aug 25, 2013
Hi I use it for etudient art project with 30 other police, if you want to know more, thank for it !
Exil  Jun 07, 2014
Hi. Really nice font :) I would like to use it for a flyer and advertising poster. Is it possible for free?
StarGrabber  Oct 06, 2014
Hi Edward,

Will be downloading to use your awesome fonts for a Logo creation.

hope thats ok with you

Samantha5  Nov 12, 2014

How much for commercial use? -Samantha
casidyn_  Jan 05, 2015
You said to let you know if I'm gonna use it for commercial use, and I may in the future; should I ever vlog, it may be in the background as a quote on my wall. Let me know if you have any problems with that.
leggomymeggo  Jan 28, 2015
I would like to use this font for a Facebook banner design for Clockwork Muzik Group. Please let me know how to pay for licensing !
fergy1327  Mar 07, 2015
how much for commercial use my man?? let me know
Kishen  Mar 15, 2015
Opinion... Please do a letter, either M or K for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (The capital of Malaysia). It's twin towers are breathtaking...:)
Example picture is here: (You can always search in google...

Your help will be truly, truly appreciated.
Narciso Vassoa  Apr 29, 2015
Hi , I love this font. But when I download it. I cant install it, nothing apears.
jaguars4782  author of Cityscape   Jun 30, 2015
I am sorry if the font doesn't work, I have been able to successfully download and use it many times, it only works if u are using capital letters. If it still doesn't work I would recommend searching for a solution on Google. Thanks for all the feedback everyone :D
ivan21i  Sep 26, 2015
Great font..bravo. Is it possible to use for commercial use?
Shall I just donate? Thanks again for the great work
Dick Trickle  Oct 20, 2015
catherinefields  Nov 13, 2015
Hello! I would to like this font on t-shirts for a community building project in Baltimore. Please let me know if there is a fee we should pay before use!
michellesosa33  Dec 26, 2015
I like this font. Is it possible to use for commercial use? Should I just donate to you for commercial use?
jaguars4782  author of Cityscape   Feb 24, 2016
Anyone who would like to use this font for commercial use, feel free to send me a donation. 5, 10, 20 bucks is fine with me. Thanks for all the Positive feed back everyone I never thought this font would be so popular :D
mslemons  Feb 28, 2016
Can I use this in edits? Like edits on photos? I post these edits on instagram. Is it okay, do I have to pay for licensing?
susanX5  Apr 10, 2016
I love you font. Check you private mesange
pallagommosa  May 07, 2016
Can I use it for a university project? Thanks in advance, awesome work ;)
miriamruthross  Jun 28, 2016
Just wanted to let you know we used it for the titles here (non-commerical). Thanks so much
Chelsea96  Jul 18, 2016
Does this font possible exist but smaller? Like the letters are thinner? It's really good though. Just wanted to use it on my page where I post facts about band members but it won't look good if it's big/fat font. But the design is literally SO amazing
Aria Beauty  Jul 30, 2016
Il n'y a que la premiere lettre dans cette ecriture !
jaguars4782  author of Cityscape   Aug 25, 2016
Sorry it takes me so long to respond I just don't check this site very often. I don't have a thinner version of this font. Anyone who wants to use this for YouTube or school projects feel free to do so!
upsman262001  Mar 09, 2018
I love this Font!!! Would love to use it for commercial use so I am going to donate right now per your request...
You rock!!!
opalstones  Oct 19, 2018
I think I may use this font for some gifts I am personalise. I will be making a donation shortly - but was wondering if you would a name check too?

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