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akira1975  Oct 31, 2014
It seems itís a knock-off of Agency.

The author of the knock-off added serifs to Agency.
akira1975  Oct 31, 2014
Agency is an old typeface.
So, perhaps the author might have scratched it, but it is likely that he/she used Font Bureauís Agency.
HereBeMonsters  author of Bureau   Nov 01, 2014
You're not too far off akira1975. Bureau is based on the 1930's font 'ATF Agency Gothic' which is why BUREAU too has no lowercase form to it. The font however is not based on 'Font Bureau's Agency', BUREAU was created (and will continue to be developed further) as a more true to form version of 'ATF Agency Gothic' with a few modernised twists (such as Trend and a few other varients I'm working on) as opposed to changing character shaped entirely.
HereBeMonsters  author of Bureau   Nov 01, 2014
That's not to say I don't love Berlow's work though, I was merely walking in his shadow and recreated Benton's font in the way I'd like rather than Berlow's work.

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