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j-cuntlip  Oct 24, 2006
i like the 3rd one dildos are soooo nice in my ass hole
Jason Adams  Oct 25, 2006
that's exactly what i was thinking (that it looked like a dick, not that i like dildos in my asshole... cuz i dont)
Knux57  Oct 25, 2006
....a penis....ooooooh wooooooooooooooooooooooooow......
SWMTD  Oct 26, 2006
What is the cross in the 4th one?
Menhir  Oct 27, 2006
Chouette police pour servir de "puce" dans les listes.
SQUIRRELLY  Oct 31, 2006
who besides a nun wouldnt think that it looks like a penis?
aliciafayethomas  Dec 26, 2010
i read the comments just to see who else thought it looked like a penis.
millyscott  Jun 01, 2011
omg... that penis is hot!!!!!!!!!!
millyscott  Jun 01, 2011
I soooo want to root with that penis, stiff and hard- my type in bed
millyscott  Jun 01, 2011
lol my type oh i can imagine it now!!!!!! wowzerz!!
Paper Panda  Jan 19, 2013
I'll certainly be using this penis in my work from now on.

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