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Brutal Tooth

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daus  Jun 15, 2009
why this font can be download.
daus  Jun 15, 2009
sorry I mean i cant not download this font.
kirksucks  author of Brutal Tooth   Jun 15, 2009
the DL is working fine for me. it downloads a .zip file.
TraumaHound  Jul 13, 2009
Man, this font is brutal (he says in his best Nathan Explosion imitation.)
tmboo  Jul 13, 2009
great font... too bad BT dropped the logo, it's probably what drew me in in the first place!
lawfro  Dec 22, 2009
Dude.. Can I use this for my band?
captain chaos  Jan 24, 2010
this one fits the genre "deathcore" very well.
kirksucks  author of Brutal Tooth   Feb 12, 2010
about 1000 bands have emailed me wanting to use this. thanks, but now your logo looks like 999 other bands.

donations appreciated.
marty666  Apr 05, 2010
brutal truth <3
xDACHAUxCONFETTIx  Aug 09, 2010
Okay, somebody please help me. It appears that my other comment got deleted.. Thanks.. Anyway, I downloaded this font, but I can't use it. Why is that?
dinga15  Aug 17, 2010
so epic
phet  Nov 05, 2010
i want download this font....
RobbyD420SRH  Dec 12, 2010
I love this font. want to use it for my band AT GUNPOINT but id like to modify the letters some. Is that ok with you? I will donate.
dead faint  Aug 05, 2012
gak bisa di pakai
droff  Mar 20, 2014
is it okay if I use this for my band? we just need a start up logo.
DemonGamer  Jan 30, 2016
Can I plz use this for my Youtube chanel

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