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intoxified  Jun 21, 2006
cuttte. :)
kayster  Jul 01, 2006
That. Is. So. CUTE.

Miss_princess  Nov 24, 2006
well cute 8)8D
chessabellarina  Nov 24, 2006
it's cute- but why no pound signs?
Font Girl 24  Dec 27, 2006
thats cool i like it a lot.. just wondering.. HOW DO YOU MAKE A FONT?? is there like a software you use?
x_maz_x  Jun 22, 2007
nopee.. yo just go on websyt if yoo didnt kno and type your name or sumtin in and datsz it haha dun !! sorted
Chavette_tasha_&_proud  Sep 20, 2007
heya dat is kwl init all?
fashion_empire  Oct 21, 2007
Ohemgee, this font is tres adorable. I love it. =)
lupis_docenitas  Dec 15, 2007
nice :)
Viridis  Mar 11, 2008
Very nice! Font Girl 24 and x_mas_x, you do need special software. There is a list of software you can use under Tools -> Creation. I recommend FontForge; it's pretty good freeware.
Icheeva  Jun 19, 2008
This font is so cute ^^
matodali  Nov 28, 2008
I'd like to know how to insert a font in a word doc. ??
thanks for your help !!
Sk4'z  Jan 17, 2009
Superbe !
starfishsmilex  Apr 12, 2009
Hello, love this (:
How do u save the font like if i write 'i love you' in your font it wont let me save it? do i have to download it or..
Bbfreeze  Apr 19, 2009
I love this font, it makes me happy ;)
Runnerland  Apr 28, 2009
matodali, if you have Windows XP, just open the start menu and click on "Run." A small window will open up and type in "fonts." Another Window will open up with a bunch of files. Keep this on the side for now and open up the file you just downloaded from Dafont. It should have a file with a "T" or and "O" on it and drag that into the "Fonts" window. Then you should be able to use this on Microsoft Word or whatever you use.

Hope this solves your problem! :D
CupcakesAndDinosaurs  Aug 20, 2009
OMFG!!! This is the exact font that me and my band needed!
Thank you so much!!
Scarly  Sep 28, 2009
Its really cool but when i hav it on word it doesnt look like that! y is it like that hav i done something wrong???
fuxingdani  Aug 27, 2011
I love this font, I got it because it's used for the cover of the Sexing Remix Single by BOTDF featuring Jeffree Star.
samuraijacksgirl4ever  Dec 03, 2011
I got lots of these fontalicious fonts! Do you always have to have at least one administrator account to install fonts? I installed them on my laptop, but not my desktop.
shawn8384  May 18, 2013
I like how no one realizes there is a cool game with this font. Bubble Tanks. Play it if you're bored.
nouna  Jul 14, 2013
dommage que le u et le v soeint quasiment identiques.

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