BD Cartoon Shout

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flyingcatstudio  Jun 30, 2013
I made an Android Game with your font
Hope you like...
Keno9988  Aug 08, 2013
In case you guys don't know,
this is the font used in the Game Grumps

Just thought I'd point that out.
KATY999  Mar 29, 2015
Hi there!
Is it free for commercial use?
Thanks a lot
hj2deu  Apr 20, 2015
Hello. This font is great. May we have permission to use this font commercially? Please let me know Thank you!!
hw220  Sep 01, 2015
I want to use this font for mobile game production. is it possible? And my application is free, but expect advertising revenue. I would appreciate a reply to my email. Do jitmak to Thank you for making this wonderful font.
Cristian Mircea  Dec 15, 2015

Very nice this font! Can I use it for the title of a book, so for commercial use? It is written 100% free, but I wanted to make sure I can use it. Thank you! Have a nice day! (
Riduke22  Oct 24, 2016
Is this font available for commercial use?
I am interested in possibly using this font for a game. Please let me know.
I can be contacted at :
hdskullfire2  Dec 29, 2016
I'm planning on using this font to make some CNC carved plaques for a small club group at cost. I am a home based non-commercial operation. I would like permission to use this font. It matches the T-shirts they had produced by others. Thanks in advance,

I can be reached at
Steve Nordahl
Nazareth, Pa.
aland316  Jun 16, 2017
I see this says "100% Free" so I just want to confirm its free for commercial usage. If not I would like to purchase a license.
adamfollett  Mar 28, 2018
Is this font available for commercial use? If so, how much is the license?
Griffin87  Apr 18, 2018
Is this font available for commercial use?
If not, how much is the license?
Please let me know
ajacqusitions  May 01, 2018
Is this font available to use in a published sewing project book? Author has purchased and would like to be able to include the alphabet on a pull-out page in the book to be traced off in order for readers to reproduce her projects for personal use. Please respond to Thank you.
Ypsilenna  Nov 22, 2018
I use this font in my free-to-read webcomic
I love this font!
raesimone  Jan 11, 2019
Is this font available for commercial use? If not, how much is the license?
Please let me know
NorthAnimation  Apr 12, 2019
Do I need a license for this font? I would like to use this commercially for a title font for NAVER Corp.'s webtoon: "Space Race Ace".

Please contact me through:

Scott North

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