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pricelessdancing  Apr 26, 2010
I lovee pixel fonts, and this is the best one i've seen yet awesomeee :D
readingclark  Feb 05, 2012
I was wondering why this font won't work for me. I'm on a Mac (OS X Lion) and this font just does not look right. The 8, o, and O are filled in - even when i have them in 8px. whats going wrong?

This is a picture (

Email me and let me know whats wrong, please?
Zeb  author of Apple ][   Feb 15, 2016
The solid letters seem to be a glitch in the software I used to create the fonts - I've since re-made those characters when it was first brought to my attention and although they work and appear fine, some still get the bug to appear :(
hannahgardiner  Nov 14, 2019
Hi, please can you confirm that this font is free for commercial use?



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