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ellamobbs  author of Antatomy   Apr 30, 2012
Created by Ella Mobbs (letter design) and Tim Sweetapple (converted to vector).
ribbonstar  May 17, 2012
Hi there! I was just wondering if I could use your font for a a magazine I'm making for school? It won't be sold anywhere, however I'm asking permission because there is a possibility it may be displayed in a public place as an example of past student work.
janet.kotler  Jun 04, 2012
Hi! I love your script, it looks elegant to me. I am in the process of opening a hand crafted jewelry business, and I am asking your permission to use your script for my business cards, labels, etc.
Thank you,
ellamobbs  author of Antatomy   Jun 11, 2012
HI all, you're most welcome to use this for personal use and school projects, just not for commercial/business use. Thanks!
YNeidr  Jun 28, 2012
This is an attractive and eye-catching font. I Googled it and discovered where the name came obviously have a sense of humour in addition to being creative. :) I hope that you will continue designing typefaces, because I think you have a good eye for them.
Is there a full version of Antatomy (with punctuation, accented characters, ligatures, and so forth)?
ellamobbs  author of Antatomy   Jul 04, 2012
Hi all,

Thank you for the kind words.

I hope to do more fonts in the future (and to complete the Antatomy set). For now it's only the lower and upper case.

Thanks again,
GIANCITO  Jan 08, 2013
Moonwood  Apr 13, 2013
Love this font! Is it possible to purchase commercial license to use for limited production (greeting cards etc.) to sell in my retail shop?
sroberts19  Jan 02, 2014
Hi, great job on this font! I am located in the US. I was wondering if I can use this font commercially for a small shop I might open on Etsy. Please email me at Thank you!
wjudge  Nov 08, 2014
I really like this font, but I can't find out the meaning of its name. When I Google it, all I get is "anatomy" or misspellings of "anatomy". Is it an intentional misspelling, or does it have some other meaning?  Feb 25, 2015
Hi, May i know how do I purchase the licence to this font? I would like to use it to create a logo for my friend's photography studio. Thanks!
yugo2225  May 03, 2016
Hello.I would like to know how i can purchase a license for this font. email me at I would like to use it for a couple of license plate designs. Thanks.
Phoenex360  May 15, 2017
Do you remember the base font that you designed this font off of? I'm having a terrible time trying to find it.

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