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That's an awesome font ! I really like your style :)
Francis Studio  author of Amarillo   Nov 16, 2016
@Bauernutrition Ervaringen Thank you!
metaphasebrothel  Nov 26, 2016
It's always a good sign, when you sort a font author's submissions by "Newer First", and the best ones are on top. Amarillo would be a tremendous accomplishment by any type designer, and the fact that you made it at age fifteen speaks volumes. You're the next "Mans". Props.

Francis Studio  author of Amarillo   Nov 28, 2016
@metaphasebrothel Thank you very much!
arenbatu  Nov 30, 2016
nice work
jarrodrisson  Dec 07, 2016
This is beautiful! Thank you so much.
usamanasir  Dec 09, 2016
Hi Francis, Can I share this font on my website , it's a place where I showcase best free fonts. One new everyday.
brhoomz  Dec 21, 2016
Thank you very much
lisaowens  Feb 19, 2017
I would like to purchase a commercial license for this font. Can you please let me know how to purchase this? LOVE IT!
shenrikson  Feb 24, 2017
I would like to buy the commercial license for this font. How do I do that? I can't find the designer anywhere else online. Thanks so much!
Ryrysgrl  Feb 26, 2017
Does anybody know how to buy this font for commercial use? I haven't been able to get a response from the creator and I just love this font!! Thanks
Angiie  Apr 25, 2017
Hola Francis, me encanta esta fuente, la uso siempre para mis trabajos! Saludos!
hopelovefaith65  May 17, 2017
I would also like to purchase commercial rights for this beautiful font. Thank you
hello! I'd like to use this font to my small business(logo or business card) how much do I need to pay or donation for using it? please let me know and have a great day!
jen86  Jul 08, 2017
This is a lovely font, but when i use it in publisher and word the top and the bottom of the font get cut off. Any ideas?
AstridMaples  Jul 14, 2017
I also would like to use this font for my business cards. I work from home and am very small, just doing craft fairs and local events. How much to use this. Email to THANK YOU!
pvidal68  Aug 24, 2017
Hi, Thanks for the font. It´s beautiful. I would like to buy it for commercial use. Please let me know how can i do it.
Email to:
sjgrimlie  Sep 09, 2017
how do I use the lowercase r without getting the large line underneath it? I've tried looking in the character map for a regular lowercase r with no luck.
Hades  Oct 26, 2017
Hello Francis,
I would like to buy your font for commercial use.
Contact me at

Thanks you and congratulations for this beautiful font !
r2acreativegroup  Nov 04, 2017
Hello, I would like to use your beautiful font for a small business logo. How do I purchase?
Thank you,
ladyruth54  Dec 11, 2017
Hi Francis.

This is a stunning font. Unfortunately the top and bottom of it are cut off when I try to type with it. Is there a way to fix this? Let me know if there are any ways to fix it on my end. Thanks. Looking forward to your reply.
Drtwich  Dec 12, 2017
I’m in love with your Amarillo font and so are my girls. I’ve recently have been using it for personal use but have been asked to make things for others, how can I get a commercial use to use your font?

All the best, Alicia
MaMia  Jan 22, 2018
How do I get the swirly line under the lower case "r"? I can not find the character in the letter samples.
jduschene  Feb 25, 2018
I love this font! How do I purchase a commercial license?
sophiemarie21  Mar 26, 2018
Hi! Your font is amazing and i would love to use it in my flyer for the happy hour for a bar, is that ok or do i need to pay you something for it ? waiting for your answer. thanks
cklux  Apr 10, 2018
I also would like to purchase this for a label I'm creating for my small business...where could I do so? Thanks!
blessine  Jun 06, 2018
Hi, we would like to use this font in headlines of posters / flyer for an event / anniversary of a registered association. Can we do this or do we have to buy a commercial license? Please let me know. Thank you so much!
LLion77  Jun 12, 2018
Hi, Can I also purchase your beautiful font for commercial use?
Colleen3  Sep 28, 2018
Hi. I would like to purchase your font for commercial use. Please email me at Thank you
metinilknur  Dec 12, 2018
Hello, its perfect, i love it.
I wanna use it for commercial purpose. i wrote you an email but nobody reply me back. Please contact me..
ValentinaCH  Apr 28, 2019
Hi there, your font it's absolutely beautiful... I would like to purchase your font for commercial use. Could you kindly email me at
Thank you so much!
Yanly33  Jun 21, 2019
Hi. Absolutely love your font. How do you get the swirly under the r? TIA
suesym  Aug 26, 2019
I would like to use your beautiful Amarillo font in my small home buisness. How can I go about getting a commercial licence. The font would be used for vinyl cutting and a few other greeting card making projects.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Deniedreality  Oct 27, 2019
Hy i would like to purches this font for commercial use please contact me at.
koffeehous32  Nov 08, 2019
beautiful font! thank you for sharing
pnkqrtz  Nov 12, 2019
Hello, can you please email me for the commercial use conditions
mbauer22  Nov 16, 2019
I love this font. How can I removed the curly line removed from the lower case r?
mumi24  Mar 10, 2020
how can i get the hearts and swirls?
dlope1216  May 01, 2020
hello, I would love to buy for commercial use please email me
Yaismery  Jun 15, 2020
Hi. I would like to purchase your font for commercial use. Please email me at
aline alcântara  Jul 14, 2020
Primeiramente parabéns pelo seu talento!
Gostaria de usar sua fonte para uso comercial. Como posso fazer?
aline alcântara  Jul 14, 2020
Jtfross  Sep 04, 2020
Hi. I would like to purchase your font for commercial use. Please email me at
Ross_  Dec 03, 2020
Hi, Can I use this font for commercial use? Please email me at


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