Aladdin à by WSI
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jukesy  Mar 11, 2008
Mysteerain  May 09, 2008
Love this one good job
wikapata  Apr 05, 2010
musikabakana  Dec 06, 2012
muchas gracias por tener esta web es muy importante para mi espero que dure algunos millones de años

esta fuente la necesitaba urgente thanks
sgood  Aug 01, 2019
Can I use this font for a teachers pay teachers product. Its a website where teachers sell teacher resources. I am making an aladdin classroom transformation and would like to use this font. I will give credit to the website and the author.
stewf  Sep 02, 2021
This font is not recommendable. Active in the 1990s, WSI (Weatherly Systems Inc) sold rickety OEM fonts to software companies for bundling in games, DTP suites, and other apps. Many of their fonts are poor digitizations of classic metal typefaces, or outright copies of existing digital fonts.

In this case, they executed a sloppy interpretation of F.H. Ernst Schneidler’s Legend(e), issued by Bauer in 1936.

The smooth, calligraphic strokes of the original are lost in this rendition, and you can get a better, commercial version from profonts (though it is missing many of the glyphs from the metal fonts):

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