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xxsmitten  Apr 25, 2007
thank you. :] i needed this font for a project.
majesticnw  Jul 31, 2008
This font is absolutely perfect for my project. I am using it for a non profit organizations brochure. See

Thanks again.

insightdesign716  Mar 07, 2009
great font!! can i use it for commercial purposes?
cmoolin  Feb 28, 2013
Hi I was wondering if your font was copyrighted, or if it can be used for commercial use?
doylewalker  May 20, 2014
Can I use this commercially? Very beautiful!
ChelseaB25  Jan 16, 2015
Can I use this commercially? this is like exactly what I am looking for! Please answer ASAP. Thanks
sushi3  Nov 23, 2015
FYI, for a Jurassic Park logo, scale to 62.5% horizontal. To recreate the logotype, you'll need to kern per letter and adjust font size (and baseline as well, for the caps). The Jurassic Park font I found was corrupted and wouldn't work on my Mac so I had to recreate from this one.
Lockon35  Jan 13, 2017
Hello, can I use this commercially?
Pls answer when you can.
rianchochochiko  Mar 20, 2018
awesome font..thank you so much
makowskidesigns  Feb 10, 2019
Can this font be safely used in a logo design?
ga-jasper  Mar 28, 2019
Yes, its 100% free

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