A Lolita Scorned

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AleAndrade  Aug 19, 2006
psyinsyde  Sep 02, 2006
very impressive...aptly named...beautiful...
primedrctv  Oct 19, 2006
Ensconsed in velvet…beautifully seen, best subtle drip technique available. Make more.
sweet_angelcutie  Dec 22, 2006
pretty font! love it!
Fay Korro  Feb 10, 2007
love the font, love the name
Yaya10  Apr 20, 2007
Awesome cute font
mizzmaira  Jun 05, 2007
i jUs lUrf ur font,,,,,
it lUks gorgeUs....
Tweek  Jun 06, 2007
wonderful name + nice font
Butterfly Productions  Jun 11, 2007
This is absolutely beautiful
papeje  Jan 31, 2008
thanks :)
s_kumar  Feb 15, 2008
mickers1  May 15, 2008
Lolita is making its rounds.
Nice font.
barisky  Oct 15, 2008
omg very good!!
miss-me  Nov 08, 2008
franchement je craque !!

Elle est trow belle !!
sparklecakes  Nov 17, 2008
how come when i try to put install my font it always
says something is wrong??
btw i love this font
diamondgirl38  Jan 20, 2009
I like this one its awsome
Lonley_Angels  Apr 04, 2009
How do you make fonts to begin with...can anyone help me...
thnks...and btw i luv the font
ArE.+.YoU.+.SuFfEriNG?  Apr 28, 2009
Very nicce.. and the name is so awesome
_junkk  Sep 20, 2009
how do you actually make the fonts??
Franklin Gorge  Oct 20, 2009
I like the part where it's neatly been pasted with small flowers around the alphabets; it's very gothic and very antique. Lolita, what inspired you for that name?
Bouledefeuu  Jan 20, 2010
I do not.

StreetLingaz  Jan 18, 2011
Nice font. Thanks for sharing.
artshopjunkie  Oct 12, 2011
love the font
thank you for sharing.
VanityClo.Co  Oct 19, 2011
Hello AngeliQ,

I would very much appreciate it if I could use this font for T-Shirt designs.

Please contact me at xxxvxxx@rocketmail.com
Thank you in advance.
SpaceOctopus  Dec 20, 2012
What is considered personal & what is considered commercial? Like, I understand it would be commercial to sell it or anything using it, but I just wonder what other things I can't do. It's unfortunate that all my favorite fonts are lamely only for personal use & too expensive to buy commercial licenses for. Except Kingthings, he makes extremely high quality, beautiful & awesome fonts for free.

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