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I love cartoons a lot, because they're fun, awesome & entertaining! Live action is just everyday life, which is SO boring! Oh, and by the way, I'm a girl. I love Samurai Jack so much! <3 He's got a very sexy body! He is SO pretty! I wanna feel his sexy body & the sweat coming from him. He's such a hottie! XD He is my fictional boyfriend. I don't like real dudes, as long as it's not choosing one for a boyfriend. I love art, video games, whatever music I find cool, technology, cartoons, computers, making cartoons, dolls & so much more! I'm a girly girl, cause I like girl stuff, & I'm a bit of a tomboy, cause I like some cartoons targeted for boys. Tomboy or girly girl, I still like them. And I don't want anyone to find my Samurai Jack shrine!

Look how pretty he is! <3


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