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04/04/2018 a las 19:11  [post initial]  Studiocanal font

This on the back cover of Studiocanal DVDs and Blu Rays. I'm sure it is a variation on the Futura font but can't seem to find the exact one, any help would be much appreciated

Fuente identificada: Serif Gothic Heavy

08/09/2017 a las 03:30  [post initial]  help on this???

many thanks

07/09/2017 a las 01:05  [post initial]  any help on this please

15/08/2017 a las 22:18  [post initial]  any help on this please

08/08/2017 a las 22:09  [post initial]  need help with this font

14/07/2017 a las 23:24  [post initial]  anyone know this font?

20/06/2017 a las 15:11  [post initial]  i need help on this

I found the other font

Fuente sugerida: Byington

thanks a lot, that's excellent, how about the black font in the gold box?

04/06/2017 a las 04:16  [post initial]  Universal Cinema Classics fonts

anyone know all 3 of these fonts?

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