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14/12/2015 a las 17:20  [respuesta]  Maria

Thank you so much Fonatica! This is the font! =D

14/12/2015 a las 16:09  [post initial]  Maria

Maybe the font has a little stroke blending on it making it slightly more bold of what it actually is.

14/12/2015 a las 08:33  [respuesta]  mana

jerseygirl ha dicho  
Lithos Black

Thank you so much for your help, this font looks like the same I'm looking for but the original one has embedded the squares around it with that fuzzyness inside the square box.

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14/12/2015 a las 04:45  [post initial]  mana

I thought this font was called "Mango" but hadn't any luck finding it yet.

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