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10/01/2020 a las 19:33  [post initial]  I need a little help...

Any one know the name of this font?
Thanks, Marilyn

16/04/2019 a las 06:09  [post initial]  I need a little help...

I've been all over the internet, plus font-identifiers, and cannot find the name of this font.
Any suggestions? Thanks, Marilyn

27/10/2018 a las 20:49  [respuesta]  Anyone know what font this is?

you are the ABSOLUTE best!!!!!!!

27/10/2018 a las 19:55  [respuesta]  Anyone know what font this is?

Hi Jerseygirl!
Greetings from Cinnaminson, NJ!
THANKS so much - again!!!!!
I really appreciate your help!
Take care, Marilyn

27/10/2018 a las 06:38  [post initial]  Anyone know what font this is?

Hi - it's late and I'm stumped! Can anyone help me out?
Thanks, Marilyn

Yeah - Jersey girls are "special" - a rare breed.
We're in South Jersey, just north of Philly bridges. Lived here all my life.
Take care- stay COOL in this yucky hot, humid weather - Marilyn

Hi jerseygirl - Thanks again!
Take care - Marilyn from NJ too!

Hi - this looks familiar but I can't seem to place it!
Thanks- Marilyn

02/03/2017 a las 17:20  [post initial]  any idea on this font?

Hi! I have a lot of serif fonts, but non exactly like this. Any suggestions?

02/03/2017 a las 04:11  [respuesta]  Any idea what the block print is?

Thanks!!! Any idea what the serif is? I have similar ones, but none that match it exactly

02/03/2017 a las 03:19  [post initial]  Any idea what the block print is?

Hi! I have similar serifs, like the body of text print, but not this exact one?
Any suggestions?

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18/02/2017 a las 15:18  [respuesta]  Anyone know this font?

Hi jerseygirl!!! Thanks again for your help! All downloaded and ready to roll.
Enjoy this NICE Jersey weather today!!!

18/02/2017 a las 06:18  [post initial]  Anyone know this font?

Hi! Any idea the name of this font? I don't seem to have it and cannot figure out what it is - thanks, Marilyn

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24/12/2016 a las 15:59  [respuesta]  Anyone know what this script is?

Hello again, Jerseygirl!
Thanks so much - I appreciate your help!
Marilyn (also from Jersey!)

24/12/2016 a las 06:07  [post initial]  Anyone know what this script is?

Hi! I have tons of scripts, but don't have this one and cannot identify it.
Any suggestions?

Thank you SO MUCH!!!! You're a lifesaver!

Hi! This font is from a partial invitation - I need the font to address the envelopes. I don't have it and cannot find it. Anyone know its name? Thanks, Marilyn

Hi! Thanks for getting me on the right track! Turns out this this font is a variation of Poor Richards: Poor Richard RR Monoline. Again, thanks for the help!!!

Hi - can anyone identify the name of this font? Thanks so much!!!!

Thanks again- appreciate it!!!!!

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